The HoDown Challenge

The HoDown Challenges You
To Attend 1 party a month!

The HoDown has an attendance goal of 30 different guys per party than the previous party. Let's make this goal a reality. There's over 1000 guys who've gave us their contact info, which makes this easy to accomplish. For Summer 2019, EVERY time we hit 30 guests, we'll give you a $10 off your next HoDown before the end of 2019 (may not be used for special events)

This challenge will give you even greater HoDowns AND position us to move to a bigger location with more  parking, space and amenities. So, bring your friends and tell a sexy stranger! For the scared guys too nervous to attend... try us out 1 time! To the guys who THINK they're too sexy, there's other sexy guys awaiting sexy company! The guys who are in South Jersey, PA/Philly, CT, NYC, DE and anywhere else remotely close who think it's too far for a sex party, press your way! We give you the MOST compared to the competition!

You might ask, "how do I know which party to come to?" Come to the NEXT because each party has different guests with different sexy vibes. There's a $15 discounted entry when you pay online to most regularly scheduled HoDowns. Turnouts are expected to increase. Remember, your entry is ONLY guaranteed when you pay online. 30 guests are the goal and the space holds 40 guests. Plan ahead and pay online!The button is to the right on this website.

This HoDown Challenge is valid for any party that hosts 30 guests or more, even special parties. So again, come out and come in great numbers. #ThePowerIsYours