HoDowns Are Temporarily Canceled! View Updates For More Details...!

These events are marketed to those who are looking to be knowledgeable and self-aware. I've partnered up with local agency(s) to help with this awareness project. It's important to know what's going on in your body, have the necessary up to date information about disease and how to prevent transfer of infections all while being able to enjoy someone's sexual company.

Knowledge has no respect of persons. With that in mind, #Cum1CumAll and bring a friend! There's incentives for those who are being tested. There's also giveaways goodie bags for this nights guests.

Want to win big? Take home a prize for bringing the most guests to the party. You must arrive together at the same time. You must be present to win the prize. The winner is announced at 4am. So, plan ahead to stay until the end of the party. Prizes include sex toys, lube, gift cards, free entry, discounts to novelty stores, books, personal products and more! So, bring a friend or two or three or four to see the great fun we have in store!

Love to cum? How many nuts can you bust? From 3am-4am there's a cum contest! Grab one of our business cards and show Fuzzy your jizz, or grab him as you're nutting, and he'll punch your card for each occurance. At 4am, the winner gets a free entry coupon and a gift card! If there's a tie, there'll be a Cum-Off. First one to bust during this round gets the prize.

How the night flows...
  1. Guests pay their entry, either in person or online.
  2. Testing area is in the kitchen behind the curtain to give those who wish to be tested some privacy during the first 2-3 hours of the party. Arrive early to take advantage of their services.
  3. Normal party fun takes place during the event away from the testing area.
  4. Cum Contest starts at 3am and ends at 4am
  5. Prizes given out at 4am
  6. Cleanup and depart after 4am
The date of the flyer above will tell you when each #KnowYourStatus Event will be. Hopefully this will grow to seminars, workshops, outings and activities beyond the veil of The HoDown. Hope you come out and support and witness the growth!