24 Hour HoDown

The HoDown celebrates every year of business with a 24 Hour HoDown, and possibly for a holiday also. Stay tuned for the next 24 Hour Event. $25 Door Entry! Save $5 with VIP Online Entry! It's $20, available through Eventbrite link in your invitation. Big crowds are expected and with VIP Eventbrite ticket, it guarantees your entry. Capacity is limited to 40 guys at one time.
You must purchase VIP tickets by Noon July 10th. $5 Re-Entry fee if you wish to return for any reason. 

You MUST have an Evite invitation to gain  HoDown-specific information such as an address, contact number, and arrival instructions. Everything is provided in your Evite Invitation. To be added to the list, please email face and body pics to for approval BEFORE purchasing your ticket.

Dress code is simple: underwear or less! Underwear is boxers, briefs etc. Tank tops, aka "A-Shirts", may be worn, but NO T-SHIRTS. No shoes allowed. You can go barefoot, socks, athletic slides, or flipflops. 
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Our 24-hour events are quite fun! Here's how they work. We're open for 24 hours, LOL! You may come at any time during the 24 hour period except during the last hour of the party. There's a $5 re-entry fee if you decide to leave for whatever reason and return. We've made it easier for you to stay here longer:
  • Fuzzy's Eatery is open the ENTIRE party serving:
    1. Chicken Club Sandwich & Fries $6
    2. Burger Sliders & Fries $6
    3. 5 Hour Energy $5
    4. Red Bull $3
    5. Coffee & Tea $2
  • Bath towels and toiletries are available to refresh yourself.
  • Cum Contest at 4pm, 10pm, 4am, and 10am. How many times can you bust in 30 minutes? The guy who busts 1st at each contest gets $20! The nut needs to be seen/verified. See Fuzzy to sign up at the party. 
There's an open bar with a bartender serving drinks. Tips aren't required, but are appreciated! Same rules apply, DON'T GET DRUNK! Please do NOT loiter in the hallways or on the property as this goes against property rules. Don't ring any bells for re-entry. Use the phone number you were provided within your invitation's details.