Hump Nite Wednesday HoDown events function the same way as a regular Friday HoDown would and are hosted in the same location in Elizabeth, NJ. What makes Hump Nite parties different than Friday is the time of day and length of the party. It's a weeknight and guys gotta work the next day! You can come thru and have your regular HoDown fun and be home at a respectable hour! For those who have the time, and want the most action, you should arrive at the very beginning.

These parties are NOT every Wednesday. Wednesday parties will be posted to the right of the website so you have advanced notice on how to plan your evening fun at The HoDown!

The party runtime is from 7pm until 11pm. Arrival time is BETWEEN 7pm-9pm. There's a $10 LATE FEE (NO CASH) if you arrive late, EVEN IF YOU PURCHASED ONLINE!  Plan ahead to get ahead! There's no entry to any HoDown within the last hour. 

Entry is $20 via Eventbrite and needs to be purchased before the event starts. In-person entry is $25. NO CASH TRANSACTIONS, only Debit/Credit cards, smart pay, Zelle, Cashapp, Venmo, and PayPal are accepted at the door. Paying online is a faster check-in process and cheaper for you.

You get the same great open bar with a full selection of spirits for an evening of great cocktail combinations. Margaritas, Cosmos, or try one of our 8 Long Island Iced Tea combinations! Supplies are limited based on availability.

The HoDown Shoppe will be open for prepaid preorders. Menu options may change with seasons and product availability. Get your food and your sex fix all in the same location!

Read thru all the info? Familiar with how The HoDown is run? Click/tap the link below, fill out the form, and submit your request to join The HoDown here: