Wild Wednesdays

Wild Wednesdays give you an opportunity to let out your inner kink and freak! Bring your toys and masks, dress in your leather wear and harnesses, try a lil role play or maybe something else! Let your submissive or dominant side have some fun. Whether you're "vanilla" or something more, there's something for you tonight! How about a game of "fuck Me Spades"? The losers get fucked! 

Wednesday's party runs from 11pm until 3am. Arrive by 2:30am. A longer run-time is not expected but overflow time will be granted if the party is livelyEntry is $15. Parties will occur on a weekly basis, every week, unless otherwise posted (check the right of the website). It's a midweek worknight. Lets get here, get it in and carry on with the week! Don't be fashionably late or you'll miss the party! The early bird catches the worm, sorta speak! LOL

Watchers take up space. You wanna watch something? Watch pornhub at home and don't waste people's time! You are the party! So, show up with the life of the party mentality. Bring guests. Your word of mouth is our strongest advertisement. Spread the word and lets have a HoDown!!!