The HoDown is now revamped and better than ever, now offering 3 parties! Click below for description. 

Sunday | Wednesday Friday

The HoDown LOCATION is hosted in Elizabeth, NJ every Sunday night, Wednesday night and Friday night. The PRICE is $15 Sundays, $15 Wednesdays and $20 Fridays. DRESS CODE is underwear or naked. The RULES are pretty simple... no gum smoking or cell phones, don't break anything and be respectful. DRINKS are provided, please don't get drunk! CONDOM usage is encouraged, promoted and preferred but raw & barebackers are welcome*. The HoDown screens WHO COMES to its parties to ensure the party sexy guys are in attendance. Recently reported ATTENDANCE INFO is posted to give you an idea of recent turnouts. WHAT TO EXPECT when you arrive is a greatly chilled relaxed place to have safe sexual fun. There's also FOOD/SNACKS available for purchase. Any UPDATES & CHANGES or announcements are posted here, but the parties are mostly consistent. If you'd like to come to a party, please CONTACT US with face and body pics. All info, except the address and contact number, is provided here. Utilize the FAQ and search bar on the right to aid you as well as the shortcut links provided on this page. If you'd like to get in for FREE, please email "FREE ENTRY" to .

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