The HoDown is proud to give you more BANG for your buck. These are a few of many ways that we try to be better than the competition!

Condoms & Lube
We offer condoms of many variety in many brands from glow in the dark, magnums, extra sensitive, ribbed, studded and flavored. In addition, there's many brands and types of lubricant including oil and water based, lotions, silicone, numbing and flavored! 

Drinks will change based upon your great turnout. The busier we are, the greater variety of alcohol you have to choose from. There's an open bar with a staff member serving you drinks. Please be aware:

  • No drinks in darker areas
  • Drink Responsibly, DON'T GET DRUNK!
  • It's a sex party, not a bar!
  • Drinks are while supplies last!
  • Last call is 30 mins before the end of each party

Towels and Toiletries
Cleanliness is important to the party and its guests. In the bathroom, you will find hand soap, bar soap, deodorant, mouthwash, paper towels and body wash. The shower is available for use, please ask before you use the shower so we can give you the necessary towels to prevent floor hazards. 

The HoDown Host and Creator, Fuzzy, started a culinary venture called "Fuzzy's Eatery" to provide sandwiches which come with fries or chips for only $5. Payment is due when you order the item(s).

#KnowYourStatus is very important. In this time and age, information is accessible, medicines are available, treatment plans are affordable and awesome living is highly probable. Lets team up together and make educated decisions, take responsibility over each others' health and have fun while doing it! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.