Food & Snacks


Whether you are coming from work, on a work break, about to go to work OR just worked up an appetite at our party, The HoDown has got you covered. Starting Friday, April 6th,  2018, The HoDown will be offering fresh and tasty sandwiches and snacks at every party. The above menu is just the beginning as The HoDown holds up the standard of variety.

I, Fuzzy, will be the only staff member taking orders and preparing food. This is done to ensure great quality and culinary precision of the food items. I will soon have not one but TWO culinary degrees and I'm a certified ServSafe food handler. My Eatery is only the start of something larger. Great things are coming...

Food items may be eaten at the party in designated areas or be taken away. All items offered are selected for less than 15 minutes wait time. Please order in advance to avoid possible delays. You MUST pay for your order at the time of order. Keep your money in your socks and be mindful of your possessions. Repeated bag entry for money is distracting, time consuming and NOT encouraged!

Items are subject to availability to ensure freshness. The updates section to the right of the website will be updated if the Eatery is closed. Keeping with tradition, this is YOUR party! If you'd like to add a favorite to our menu, make a suggestion at the party. Show up and be heard and I'll see what I can do. 

  • BBQ Chicken Sandwich
  • Dark Chocolate Brownie
  • Fuzzy Burger
  • French Toast Sandwich
  • Fresh Fruit Bowl
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich
  • Home Fries
  • Flatbread Pizza
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  • Waffle Sandwich
BBQ Chicken Sandwich1 Dark Chocolate Brownie2 Fuzzy Burger3 French Toast Sandwich4 Fresh Fruit Bowl5 Grilled Cheese Sandwich6 Home Fries7 Flatbread Pizza8 Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich9 Waffle Sandwich10
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