Midday Monday

Got an hour for lunch? Want to catch some good sexing before you head into the afternoon shift? Got the day off? Start your week off right with some Midday Monday HoDown fun! Hosted on Mondays, starting at 12 noon and door locks at 3pm. That's 3 hours of fun filled action, so get here promptly to have your fun and go. End time around 3:30pm or later, pending Fuzzy's work schedule.

This party is meant for those guys who wanna come and grab some sex, oral, whatever kinda fun you're into and quickly depart. There will be wine, vodka offered at this party, to keep things light. Don't want you showing up to work drunk!

The cost is $10 per person. Please be aware that daytimers are in and out, and a large crowd may not be likely. Keeping this in mind, crowds for Monday, or any party, cannot be guaranteed. Invite someone, bring someone and build it up.

You're welcomed to bring your freak, kink, toys and boys to any party! The HoDown is a place for you to meet someone, freak someone, let loose and have fun. Remember, be the action, don't watch the action! Watchers don't contribute and only take up space. You wanna watch something, turn on pornhub at your house and don't waste people's time! You are the party! So, if come thru being all timid and whack, what will the party be? If everyone that attends arrives with the life of the party attitude, EVERYONE WINS! You're encouraged to bring guests. Your word of mouth is our strongest advertisement. Spread the word and lets have a HoDown!!!