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Saturday HoDown

Saturday Themed HoDowns are private Invitation-Only events for those who fit into special categories of shape, sexual interest & desire, age, and were created to be inclusive while celebrating and spreading more love! Generally hosted from 11pm-4am or later at a hotel in Rahway, NJ, but may change. The entry is $25 and MUST be prepaid using Eventbrite BEFORE 12 noon on that perspective Saturday. Guaranteed 15 guests minimum per party. If 15 guests aren't prepaid by noon on that perspective Saturday, any payments received will be fully refunded. No other refunds will be issued. Please do not ask any attendance related questions.

Saturday HoDowns are NOT regular Friday HoDowns. You will not receive an invitation because you attend Friday events. You MUST sign up separately to receive an invitation. To sign up, you must submit face and body photos with the specific party(s) you wish to attend to Fuzzy at OR let Fuzzy know in person if you already attend the Friday HoDown events. Once approved, you'll be added to that theme's list.

Things You Should Know About Saturday HoDowns:
  1. Please note, these events have NOT started yet! The fastest way to get these parties up and running are for you to express personal interest, via email or in-person, in attending a Saturday theme(s). Your contact info is added to the invitation list and you are invited when interest levels are great!
  2. Saturday HoDown events are INVITATION ONLY. You are NOT welcome to bring guests who do not have their own invitation. These parties are held at a hotel from 11pm-4am and may change locations frequently. 
  3. Saturday HoDowns are $25 online payment only through Eventbrite! NO CASH IS ACCEPTED AT THE DOOR! There's a guaranteed 15 person minimum, therefore ADVANCE PAYMENT is necessary by 12 noon the day of each scheduled themed party. If there are not 15 paid guests by 12 noon, you are fully refunded with an email/text saying the party is canceled. So, it's important you pay in a timely manner and monitor your email and text messages between 12 noon and 1pm that day. After 15 guests have paid and the party is guaranteed, door entry is allowed. $35 Door Entry, Cashapp, e-payment or Debit/Credit cards only, NO CASH!!! Better to sign up and pay early and stay in the loop vs pay an extra $10 the day of. 
  4. Only 1 themed event is thrown per any given Saturday so each theme has its own Saturday. Party dates are not posted online. To know when a themed party is, you must be on that list to get the date and invitation. Each party is scheduled at least two weeks in advance to give ample time for you to plan and pay as well as for us to plan ahead. When you receive your invitation, please RSVP Yes or No. This provides information to help us gauge whether to continue on with throwing the event. Please be considerate and respond to each invitation.
  5. Each theme has a description and will be strictly followed. Please understand and do not take offense. Please abide by these guidelines; DON'T FAKE YOUR WAY IN! You won't be allowed in or given any refunds. Be honest and select a proper fitting theme event suitable for you.
  6. Drinks are NOW included! Initially there was a Cup & Chaser fee of $5 with a bartender present pouring liquor. Now, drinks are included in the price. 
  7. The Massage Specialist will not be present at Saturday events. 
  8. You must wear a facial covering when you enter the hotel and keep it with you during the event.
  9. General guidelines apply to Saturday events. Please review the website to ensure you're aware of the rules.

Muscle Night
Hard-bodied, athletic, 6 pack, bodybuilder, gym-type guys welcome! No exceptions! If you're not fit, this is NOT your party! We will check BEFORE you enter. This party requires face and body photo verification before payment, may require video chat and/or attendance to a Friday event. Catfishers beware, if you play the game, you will lose your money, DON'T DO IT! Clothes check upon entry. The dress code is shirtless with underwear or less. 

Big Boys Night
That's right, watch out for the big boys! This party is mainly for the big boys but those who love them are welcome also. Big boys need some lovin & sexin too! This party requires a face photo verification before payment. Clothes check upon entry. The dress code is t-shirt and underwear or less. 

Straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender/transitioning, queer/questioning, intersex, allied/asexual and/or pansexual persons are welcome. This is an everyone-goes party! Man, woman, or anything in between. This includes crossdressers! However you classify yourself, this is a party for you. You must be receptive and open to scenarios that may not be your normal. Any variety of hate, rudeness, will not be accepted. This is a safe place for people to explore their freak, kink, and curiosity. Let's evolve and celebrate our diverse tastes and likes. This party requires face and body photo verification before payment and a bit about yourself (mini bio, age, stats, nothing extensive). Clothes check upon entry. The dress code is underwear/lingerie or less. Creativity is welcome! 

Masquerade Night
The ultimate DL night where nobody knows who you are! A full or partial mask is required as you enter the party. The fun part about this night is your mask is the only thing you wear inside of the party. Great bodies preferred, but not required. This party requires body photo verification before payment. Clothes check upon entry. The dress code mandatory NUDE! 

Cam Night
Traditionally, there are no phones or cameras allowed at the party because we didn't want anyone to be videoed or recorded without their permission. This is a party for you to whip those cameras out and be your own star! Please respect the privacy of others and ask permission to be videoed. With that said, each guest must be open to being recorded directly or indirectly. If you purchase a ticket you are agreeing to these terms and waive any right to legal pursuit toward The HoDown or its guests. If you're camera-shy, DON'T COME! You're also welcome to bring a mask to protect your identity. Kinks, toys, leather, bondage, fetishes, and more are welcome. This party requires face and body photo verification before payment. Clothes check upon entry. The dress code underwear or less. 

Silver Daddy Night
The older guys get the short end of the stick sometimes! So, if you have a lil gray, mixed gray, or ALL gray or just up in age and still want some The HoDown action, this is your night! If you're a daddy lover you're welcome also! Men who are a bit over the Friday HoDown standard, but not yet gray are welcome here also. Looking for SEXY older guys and guys who love them. PLEASE, leave your oxygen tanks, canes, and walkers home, LOL! This party requires face and body photo verification before payment. Clothes check upon entry. The dress code underwear or less. 

Twinkie Night
This party is just for those 29 and younger. You can't just look young, you need to be young! Photo ID will be checked at the door before you enter the hotel. This party requires face and body photo verification before payment. Clothes check upon entry. The dress code underwear or less. 

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