If you wish to be one of our promoters, here's what you need to know:

  • You must be here at the START of the party and present until we stop letting guys in. 
  • Payment is issued thru Zelle, PayPal or Cashapp.
  • Your guests MUST pay for entry on Eventbrite, under a personal promo link, for you to receive credit for your work.
  • After 2 guests pay using your link we set up for you, you're eligible to enter the party for free! You're paid $10 per person. If you manage to sell more than 10 tickets, the pay rate per person jumps to $15.
  • If your guests don't wish to pay on Eventbrite, they must mention your promoter name BEFORE they pay. "YOUR NAME invited me". You will only receive $5 for each of these instances. We will not ask, your guests MUST mention it!
  • You must register with Fuzzy (the host) for any event you're looking to promote and be paid for. This prevents confusion and keeps monies organized.
It's an easy sell and everybody wins, but you need to put in some effort. You don't need to be a regular promoter, you may promote as often or as little as you like for however many parties as you like. Simply email subject line "EXTRA MONEY", specify you wish to promote, mention the date(s) you wish to promote and we'll go from there!