If you wish to be one of our promoters, here's what you need to know:

  • You must be here at the start of the party and present for the duration for the party. 11pm-4am
  • You must be present to be paid! 
  • Your guests must mention your name at the time of arrival. We will not ask, they must mention.
  • You pay regular price for your entry. After 2 guests mention you, you are refunded your entry. On your 3rd guest, you're paid $15 ($5 for your first 3 guests) and then you will earn $5 for each guest that you have invited that has successfully arrived who mentions you upon entrance.
  • For every 5 of your guests who attend and mention you, you receive a $10 bonus. For example, have 10 guests attend and you'll get the perks of a guest, free entry, and $70. The more ppl you grab, the more you make.
  • Payments are made in cash that night or cashapp. 
It's an easy sell and everybody wins, but you need to put in some effort. You don't need to be a regular promoter, you may promote as often as you like for however many parties as you like. Simply email ( specifying that you are promoting, and mention the date you're promoting and we'll go from there.