HoDown Shoppe

Whether you are coming from work, on a work break, about to go to work OR just worked up an appetite at our party, The HoDown has got you covered. The HoDown offers fresh and tasty food for only $5. Add beef or chicken to Quesadillas for just $3! 

I, Fuzzy, take all orders and prepare all food. This is done to ensure accuracy and prevent errors. I'm a certified ServSafe food handler for NJ. 

Food items may be eaten at the party or taken away. Most food items are ready in 15 minutes or less. Please order in advance to avoid possible delays. You MUST pay for your order at the time of order OR upon entryItems are subject to availability to ensure freshness.

Below you'll find some of our tasty items.
Hit play and be tempted...

HoDown Shoppe photos by Fuzzy