Friday's HoDown is now SEXY! Only Fit, Slim, Athletic & Muscular Men Allowed!!!
This is The HoDown Safe-Sex Party Hosted in Elizabeth, NJ.

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For guys ages 18-40 of all races. Wednesdays are now geared, but not limited, to the average joe, with decent to average bodies. If you have a belly, Wednesday is your night! Friday's Hot-Boy Playhouse now have a strict door and are reserved for those slim, athletic and muscular men. (CLICK HERE FOR FRIDAY NIGHT PLAYHOUSE DETAILS)

Both events are safe sex parties. EVERY Wed 11p-3a ($20) & EVERY Fri 11p-5a ($20). Under our logo, you will find links that will direct you to everything you need and want to know! Take the few minutes, click the links, and inform yourself! If you want to come to one of our parties, you must send your email address and/or cell number in addition to submitting body pics via email for approval.