The HoDown is back, revamped and better than ever!
The HoDown is a Hotel Party hosted on Saturday nights only! The HoDown features a jacuzzi, king size accommodations, open bar, various premium lubes, condoms, along with a separate bathing shower with towel service. There's also a masseur expected to be at every party. You're almost guaranteed to have a great time!

See Updates & Changes for more info

This website was created to give you a better understanding of this party and answer all of your questions. I, Fuzzy, work like many of you. It's a bit overwhelming to answer each of your questions repeatedly. Please utilize the links at the top of the page and the search bar to the right to search and discover the information you seek. Each party is announced/posted at least 5-6 days in advance. When you've decided you want to come, shoot me an email ( or message on kik (thehodown) and we'll go from there. 

Please note in advance, I'll be asking for pics to screen you and will ask for your email address and cell number to send you the Evite invitation once you're approved.