This is The HoDown Sex Party Hosted in Elizabeth, NJ. 
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Guys ages 18-40, of all races, meet here for intimate, sexual, kinky, pleasurable and fun times. The parties are every Friday night from 11pm-5am. Please check the updates and changes (posted above and on right side of website) for all party announcements and discounts. Take the few minutes to read and hopefully you'll be at the next party! Please be aware, the restart of The HoDown will be soon and expect GREAT changes!

A Quick Run Thru

It's party night and you're here. Walk up the stairs and CALL the party number when you're at the MAIN ENTRANCE DOOR. I tell you apt number then buzz you in. You come upstairs and I let you in apartment. Pay at entrance once closing door. You take clothes off and place belongings in a bag with your sign-in number. Drinks are by the clothes check and it's Open Bar all night (don't get drunk). There's  music playing and the space is dimly lit. The whole apartment (decent sized 1br and Living Room) is yours for fun and sexual times except the closets! Don't be a wall flower! Condoms and lube are in every room. Towels available upon request. You are welcome to leave any time you wish.
Make it YOUR party!

Where Is The HoDown Located? How Do I Get There?

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We're located in Elizabeth, NJ. .809 miles from route 1 & 9, just 1.5 miles from the NJ Turnpike exit 13 and about 3 miles from Garden State Parkway exit 140. The party is hosted in an apartment building, not a house, club or bar! It's in a nice area safe to walk from train/bus or from your car.  Due to privacy issues, you will need to contact me when you need a specific address.


Above is the train schedule coming from New York Penn Station and Jersey City. In addition to that there is a 112 bus leaving from Port Authority Bus terminal leaving once per hour dropping you off right on the corner of Chilton St & W. Jersey St. The 24 bus from CoachUSA leaves East Orange and comes thru Newark and drops you off at Broad St & Jersey St. NJ Transit 62 bus leaves Newark Penn Station and goes through the airport and drops you at Broad St and Jersey St as well. Cabs from The train station cost $7.00 if you choose not to walk. &nbsp

Coming from Philly? Get to the Trenton Transit Center and you're just under one hour away. The ticket cost is $9.75 each way.

Once you have arrived here, there are materials to plan your return trip if you have not done so in advance. If you drove here, park on the street. As long as you are gone by 7am you are fine. Since the party ends at 5am you wont have to worry!

How Much Is The Party?

Regular Admission is $20. There will be times where you'll have the option to enter for $15 naked, so pay attention to the emails, texts and website updates. Don't be cheap guys, $20 isn't gonna break you! Where else can you get a good variety of condoms & lube, drinks all night, an opportunity to meet other guys to do what ya body parts wanna do in a safe environment? Didn't think you could think of anyplace :-P lol! Check your email and and texts for discounts, special offers and special parties.
There's 3 ways to pay: Cash, Credit/Debit, and online. Card transactions are handled with Squareup (www.squareup.com) and show up on your statement as "Corner Store". Online payments are done through www.PayPal.com. You can pay online before and during the party all the way up until the end of each party via paypal.

Please note that there will be no refunds issued. While attendance is never guaranteed, there is almost always a decent crowd here. Once you pay, you have paid! There are several promoters advertising and spreading the word, but that is all we can do is promote. We can't force anyone to come. In that respect, you COME AT YOUR OWN RISK!

HoDown Admission


There're aren't many rules but yes there are some!
  1. There are NO CELL PHONES, GUM OR CIGARETTES ALLOWED. Cell phones are a distraction to the flow of the party, not to mention someone might take it. So, leave the cell phone in your bag with the rest of your stuff! Guys can't seem to keep gum in their mouths and off of floors, carpet, sheets, doors and walls. Mints, candy and mouthwash are available upon request. Cigarettes leave lingering odors which are not welcome here. PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!! 
  2. DON'T BREAK ANYTHING! It sounds silly, but there are drinks here and with dicks and asses around guys get carried away. Keep the flow and vibe nice and smooth, be respectable of the things around you.
  3. NO, NOT INTERESTED, NO THANKS, KEEP IT MOVING ETC all mean they aren't interested. Do yourself and them a favor, leave them alone or you will be asked to leave
  4. USE INDOOR VOICES AND WALK LIGHTLY. It's the middle of the night, during most people's sleep hours. Walk respectfully and speak accordingly. Be considerate!

Dress Code

HoDown Dress Code
You are not required to be completely naked. While some people will be, it's not required. The maximum amount of clothes you should have on is socks, boxers/briefs/boxer briefs, and/or an A-shirt (wife beater). SPEAK TO US about special accommodations before arrival. No sweat pants, no basketball shorts, no T-Shirts or any outside clothes... UNDERWEAR people! I see it now, someone will ask how do you show up to the party in underwear. YOU DON'T! You show up and you come inside and then put your clothes and belongings inside of a bag. Please don't show up naked! We've already had someone do that!

What Is There To Drink?

There's variety at our bar and most are satisfied with our vast selection. Refill as you please, don't waste the liquor (if you can't mix a good drink ask for HELP)! Don't get drunk either. Drink while supplies last! Once it's gone, IT'S GONE!

Is This A RAW Party?


BY ALL MEANS, THIS IS NOT A RAW PARTY! This is a SAFE SEX party!!! You don't know what someone has or doesn't have. You can't prove it without bloodwork and sometimes that may not be completely accurate. Be on the safe side, use a condom. Condoms and many varieties of lube are located in every room. Don't let one moment of passion give you a lifetime of regret. Be safe guys, wrap it up every time! Flavored condoms and lube are available upon request.

Can I Get With The Hosts?

If you are playing around with the host(s), who is watching your things? Who is making your drinks? Who is answering the phone checking more guys in for you to play with? Who's rounding up more guys to come thru? Who's cleaning up and making sure the party is executed well? It'd be a joy to play, and sometimes we do, but the party is our first priority. Sometimes its busy and we can't play, with that said, cont come to here expecting to have fun with is. It's unfair to everyone else! If you're hot we'll try to fit you in, no promises! We'll join when the time is right! Don't limit yourself, and don't wait for us. We might not have our eyes on you! Get yours while the gettin is good!

What If I'm Not Interested In Somebody?

Yea, that's bound to happen because everybody isn't everybody's type! A variety of guys are invited to every party in attempt to ensure everyone has a great time, however guests are not guaranteed.  Guests are random and that creates unknown uncontrollable and unpredictable variables. Act in consensuality. People will get with who they feel comfortable with. If you are not interested in an approach politely say "I'm not interested" and that will be the end of it. If you approach someone and you get that same statement, keep it moving. There are enough mouths, dick and ass floating about that you will find your fill.

If a situation occurs when someone is repeatedly approaching you after you telling them no, they will be asked to leave. Don't try it!

What Kind Of Crowd Comes?

There's a healthy mix of races ranging from the ages of 18-40ish. There may be older because of guys who bring guests. The average range of guys attending are between 23 and 36. With the main races being hispanic and black guys. Average bodies are welcome here, fat guys are not. A six-pack, muscled body, and lean looks aren't necessary, but definitely preferred and more than welcome.

All sexual positions are welcome, while versatile, vers top and top guys are targeted. It's useless to have a place full of bottoms and no tops! 

Guys ask which night is the best night to come. ANSWER depends on YOU!!! If you told a friend, word gets along much quicker (you're more than welcome to copy and paste a flyer located on the right to send out). This builds the party beyond the party promoters reach into corners they can't get to.  The crowd averages between 8-25 guys per party. If you want more, bring more! Your word is most powerful. Remember, it's YOUR PARTY! Every party is different and every party isn't for everyone. Different vibes, different guys, different turnout at every party.


Do I Have To Bring Anything?

Bring yourself, your door fee (if you haven't paid online), and your party favors (poppers, 420/bud etc) if that's your thing. Towels, lube, condoms are all here. If your dick is that big, bring your x-large condoms (I usually have some on hand just in case). All condoms are latex. If you are allergic, you should bring your non-latex condoms.

Updates & Changes

Parties are scheduled every Friday night from 11pm-5am. Please check below for all party announcements, changes and discounts:
  • Come try out Fuzzy's P3 Pleasure Party Thursday March 13th @ 11pm. He's offering 50% off for every HoDown Guest! Just mention HoDown at the door and you pay only $10. There are NO cash payments accepted, so bring your credit or debit cards or pay thru paypal.com Visit www.phillyp3.com for more details on this party.
  • Wednesday night HoDown's will happen every other Wednesday. For clarity, the dates will be posted here in advance.  The upcoming Wednesday party dates are: , March 12th, and March 26th.

Thank you for your support and cooperation!
If there are no other updates or special announcements, parties will happen as regularly scheduled


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It's cool to see what other people think about the party. Current reviews are at the bottom of the list. So,  read up or write your on review of The HoDown. Scroll down to write your review all the way at the bottom. Please do NOT ask questions here! Be aware, there are haters on this party and some comments are from guys that have not actually been here. Good, Bad or Ugly, here are the comments:

Contact Us

You may email me at TheHoDown@gmail.com with any questions that were not answered in the blog. Most of the details are listed, so PLEASE take the time to read through. Please do not text the numbers you receive text messages from, if you want to be removed, please reply REMOVE to any text message.

The HoDown History

The HoDown started in the spring of 2010 at another location in Elizabeth, NJ as an unofficial sex party. The party was a success. Another party thrown that following summer in Roselle, NJ, another great success! In July 2011, the first party announced as The HoDown was advertised. The party started as only on Tuesday. Then grew to Tuesday and Friday. After that, Wednesday and Friday became the party days. A mid day party was attempted for those who were closeted or dl or whatever! The mid day party was cancelled due to low turnout after a month of attempts. At the end of 2011, a Saturday party was launched. A great move and the Saturday party is scheduled usually once a month. Over the course of time and through the months, advancements have been made to the party to make it more convenient for guests. Credit cards are accepted, online payments through paypal.com and eventbrite.com and more to come! There have even been non sexual outings where guys come together to chill, bug out and have fun! It's amazing! 

At the end of 2013, the party took a break. Fuzzy decided to further his education and moved, while Gabe treated it like a vacation. During this time things were changed and new policies were enacted. The price was changed to $20, people were removed from our guest list, with new incentives to come. The HoDown is growing!

Fuzzy has started another party called P3: Philly Pleasure Party. The launch of that party will be Feb 1st, 2014. Check it out: phillyp3.com

The HoDown has been around for some time. Why not come thru and join the history making! Follow Fuzzy on Instagram, fuzzychulo. Don't forget to tell your friends! Facebook and twitter us and be apart of our future...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions about The HoDown. If you don't see your question answered in the website, or in this section please submit your question below in the comments section and I will answer it. Thank You
  1. What is The HoDown? The HoDown is a sex party hosted in Elizabeth, NJ for gay, bi and curious guys.
  2. What happens at The HoDown? Activities include but are not limited to socialization, drinking, smoking (not cigarettes), networking, oral and anal sex.
  3. What kind of guys are invited? Guys from average to muscular in body, 18 to 40 in age, any race and preferably sexy.
  4. Can I bring my friends? Yes of course! You are encouraged to bring your friends and they do not need seperate approval. If you bring guests with you, they need to fit the mold or you will be turned away. If 3 of you come, you get in for $30 total.
  5. It's my 1st time coming, can I get in for free? NO!!! I give everyone the same treatment. I invite several guys every day to this party and there are hundreds that still haven't shown up. If I said 1st timers get in free there'd be a line out the door and down the block. Use some damn common sense! (I had to go off)
  6. I'm over 40 years old, can I still come?  There are guys who attend who are over 40, but they don't look it and their sexual appetite is appropriate for the function! If you have any doubts, send face and body pics to thehodown@gmail.com for your approval.
  7. Do you supply drinks? Yes, many varieties, cordials and chasers. See the DRINKS section of the website for details.
  8. If there are no cell phones allowed, how do I call to get in? You need your cell phone to call when you get to the Main Entrance Door. You leave your cell phones in the bag with your clothes and the rest of your belongings. There are no cell phones allowed in party area. Your phone will be confiscated and placed with your belongings if you try to get slick and you get caught. Don't like it? there's always the door (don't be afraid to use it)
  9. Do I have to get naked? No you don't. However, there are times when there will be a discount if you get naked! Saves you money and makes our party better. You're required to at least strip down to an A-Shirt (urbanly called a wife beater) and boxers, briefs, thong, g-string, jock strap, trunk or boxer brief. If it's not underwear it's not permissible.
  10. When can I leave? Do I have to stay till the end of the party? You are welcome to leave at any time you wish. You are NOT held hostage for any reason.
  11. Can I get Gang Banged there? You can do whatever is consensual here. Turnout and participation is not guaranteed, but once you are here, you can personally select and proposition whom is available to gang-bang you.
  12. I live far away, how can I get there? Elizabeth is local to New York City, Staten Island being less than 30 mins away. The Location of the party is 3-4 blocks from the train station which directly serves Manhattan, Trenton and Long Branch NJTransit train lines, with extensions to Philadelphia.
  13. Why can't I smoke cigarettes? Cigarettes leave a horrible odor, and their butts are always left behind on floors and in unlikely places. Others don't like cigarettes, including the Host and Promoter. Hookah has been added to the party as a compromise.  
  14. What kind of music is played? House, hip-hop, R&B, techno, and more.
  15. Do you or will you have a daytime party? No and NO, PLEASE STOP ASKING!
  16. Will you have parties in any place besides Elizabeth, NJ? Yes, during my vacation times parties will be planned at my vacation destination. Just stay tuned to the UPDATES & CHANGES section on the website. 
  17. Why do I have to show you my face and body pics? The party does need to stay some level of sexy and there needs to be regulation to keep that standard. In most cases people get approved. Since the party is hosted in someone's residence, it's only right to see who will be coming into said residence. If you don't wish to send a face and body pic, YOU DON'T NEED TO COME!
  18. What do you do with the pic I send you? I review it and delete the pic after adding you to the contact list.
  19. I stopped receiving emails and text messages, how do I get back on the list? Simply send your face and body pics and you will be added on the list again.
  20. I started getting emails from eventbrite.com, how do I cancel those emails? There is a link at the bottom of the email that gives you the option to unsubscribe. Click that and follow instructions.
  21. Are handicapped guys welcome? Yes, handicapped guys are welcome but please be aware that people can be mean and cruel. Do not put yourself in a position and situation you can't handle. Wheel chairs are NOT allowed.
  22. How many guys come thru per night? That is an unknown number due to the number of guys who continually don't keep their word. Close to 2000 email addresses and over 400 cell numbers are on the contact list. More contacts are added and deleted every week. Will you be one to show up or one to take up space on the contact list? PS: I HATE BULLSHITTERS!
  23. Are you located in a safe area? Yes, its in a quiet decently lit area near Elizabeth Train station and Union County College. It's a safe walk from buses, trains and your car. Don't worry!
  24. Why do I need to give you my email and cell number? Contact info is required to send you updates about the party. If there's a last minute party change, an additional party, or maybe an announced discount this is how you will be notified.
  25. I sent a text message, why did nobody respond? Phone numbers are used for sending information out not having conversation. If you need to ask any questions about this party, questions which the answers are not posted on the website already, send an email to thehodown@gmail.com and wait for a response. BE WARNED, you don't read the website and you email me on some foolish stupid stuff you will get a shady sarcastic and possibly rude response. Take the time and read, I've separated the website into categories so it's easy to navigate.
  26. I called the number when I was there and nobody answered, why? What happened? You either probably called before 10pm, called the wrong number and not the number the text message and email direct you to call, or we simply missed the phone call. The correct number to dial is 908-24X-XXXX (not shown for security purposes)
  27. How often are the Saturday Parties? Saturday parties are held on a random saturday of the Hosts' choosing. You will need to keep a check on your emails, texts and the website for the next Saturday Party.
  28. I just want to make sure this place wont be busted by the cops. Is it legal? Steps have been made to ensure the safety of the guys who come. The attendance list, email and cell phone roster, aid in this as well as your own cooperation. We are classified as a social club and have social gatherings. The only illegal part about it is I don't have a social club license and we can be fined if it came to that.