Where Are The Events?

Regular HoDown events are currently being hosted at a residence in Elizabeth, NJ. We do not post our address on our website to maintain levels of discretion. The exact address and access number are given in your invitation you'll receive if you are approved AFTER you submit a Request To Join Form. 

Our location is accessible by NJ Transit bus 59, 112 & 113, and CoachUSA bus 24. There are busses AND trains available coming from New York, North Jersey, Central Jersey, and South Jersey. Save money and Uber/Lyft in groups. YOU CAN GET HERE! Not having a car or driving isn't an excuse. You have options! Use NJ Transit's [ Trip Planner ] to help you use public transportation. Make sure you plan your return trip also! 

To give you a good idea of where we're at, [ CLICK HERE ]

There are times when there is a venue change due to the expected event size or the nature of the event. We send invitations for a reason. Please read the details of the invitation to ensure you have the correct access number and address for the event(s) you wish to attend. 

HEADS UP... Parking sucks but it's not impossible. I provide you with a map link in your invitation that shows you the places to park around the neighborhood AND also includes safe shortcuts to take so you don't need to do extra walking.