Co-Ed HoDown

You heard correctly, that men AND women are invited to this sex party. Trans are welcome and whatever other letter of the alphabet you represent. Couples and swingers are welcome as well! Full respect for others and their sexuality is expected. Bad energy, discrimination, shaming, or any negativity will not be tolerated. This party is for open-minded sexually fluid and curious consensual individuals. If your sexual preference is limited, THIS ISN'T THE PARTY FOR YOU! If you are sensitive about being around miscellaneous sexual energy, THIS ISN'T THE PARTY FOR YOU! If you are possessive over your partner/spouse and get easily jealous, THIS ISN'T THE PARTY FOR YOU! This party starts at 9pm and ends at 3am.

This is IMPORTANT, so pay attention! Entry is $35 per person VIA EVENTBRITE! Eventbrite sales will end 7 days before the event! If 15 tickets have not been sold, I will cancel the event. This prevents wasted time for everyone. Plan Ahead, PAY AHEAD!!! Just pay online so we have a guarantee of a great turnout. If there are not 15 tickets sold a week before the event, every ticket will be FULLY REFUNDED. 

We will only take payments at the door after 15 tickets have been sold online. PLEASE BUY ONLINE, IT'S EASIER! Door entry is $50NO CASH! Yes, it's a pricy door because we want to know what our turnout is going to be BEFORE the event. The only for us  to guarantee that is by ticket purchases online. You all flake too much to trust you to show up on good merit, SMH! For security reasons, we do not keep cash on the premises. (Just pay online, LOL).

The dress code is underwear, lingerie, robes, or naked! The rest of your belongings are kept in a bag in a locked closet. There are NO PHONES allowed at this event. There is NO SMOKING allowed at this event, but you may use vape pens at this event! You may use poppers, but bring your own as they aren't supplied.

If you wish to request to join the CO-ED HoDown, the form is here: