Who's invited?

The goal for our guest list is to include every race in a crowd aged between 21 and 45 years old. Yes, you may be 18-21 to come here, but you are not allowed to drink. Yes, you may be older than 45 years old. The intent is to have a youthful-looking desirable crowd. We all know age is but a number! We'll assess each person as they apply!

Tall, short, slim, athletic, muscular, average and average+ is the target for body type. Height/Weight proportions are in effect. We look at the whole picture based on the current needs of our party and current trends in attendance.

We try our best to be inclusive and not dismissive/exclusive. Sexy comes in many sizes, shapes, and colors. The HoDown aims to represent that theme.

Our guest list is massive (1500+) but the average turnout is between 10-30 per party, give or take. Some guys will only come once, others will come once in a while, and others will come more often. The only person that can control the turnout is YOU!!! You are the party and you make up the attendance. Do your best to attend! Please take note of these things:
  • We have no clue who or how many will show up to any given event, DON'T ASK!
  • DO NOT contact us regarding any event's progress. Show up and find out like everyone else!
  • We DON'T share pics of anyone attending or potentially attending our events! Not even the staff!
  • The host (Fuzzy) does exactly that, HOST THE EVENT! IF he wishes to join, he will! His job is to host!
We all have preferences and certain likes/dislikes. If you are found being discriminatory, you will be asked to leave. This is a safe place and there are kind ways to let others know you are not interested. If you believe this to be an issue, this is not a party for you.