The HoDown Now On Mon, Wed, & Fri! Check Out Our Saturday Events Too!!!!


  1. You must arrive before 1am on Friday nights, 2pm Monday afternoons and 9pm on Wednesday evenings. Last Call is 1 hour before closing. The party ends at 4am.
  2. There are NO CELL PHONES, GUM, DRUGS, CIGARETTES OR ANY SMOKING ALLOWED. Cell phones are a distraction to the flow of the party, not to mention someone might take them. So, leave the cell phone in your bag with the rest of your stuff! Guys can't seem to keep gum in their mouths and off of floors, carpets, sheets, doors, and walls.
  3. NO 420/GREEN/HERBALS, CIGARETTES, VAPE PENS, DRUGS, NOR SMOKING of any kind! Yes, marijuana is now legal in NJ, however, this is a non-smoking event. 
  4. DON'T BREAK ANYTHING! It sounds silly, but people get carried away when drinking and sexing! Keep the flow and vibe nice and smooth, and be respectful of the things around you. This applies to things in and outside of any venue. Be respectful of the property and assets on the property.
  5. NO, NOT INTERESTED, NO THANKS, KEEP IT MOVING ETC all mean they aren't interested. Do yourself and them a favor, leave them alone or you will be asked to leave. This includes safe/unsafe play, be respectful!
  6. USE INDOOR VOICES. It's the middle of the night, during most people's sleep hours. Be considerate of other tenants/guests!
  7. NO LOITERING! Do not hang out in the hallways, doorways, stairways, parking lot, or courtyard. This draws attention and is unsafe behavior. Single occurrences result in immediate banning from all future parties  
  8. DESIGNATED DRINKING AREAS! To maintain a clean party, There is a designated drinking area. This is to prevent waste, spillage, and damage to carpets and furniture.

HoDown Dress Code

There is a mandatory clothes check at the door. Below you'll find dress codes that are acceptable to enter the party once you have checked your clothes and belongings. 

Monday/Wednesday/Friday HoDowns: Keep it simple, boxers, briefs, jockstraps, etc (or less). No shirts of any kind. If you need pockets, wear long socks! FYI, naked guys make parties start quicker. Shoes are allowed. You may choose to go barefoot, wear socks, flip-flops, or athletic slides.

Please arrive dressed like a normal person. Neighbors and street people should not see you walking up to any location in your Jock Strap. It sounds silly, but it's happened before! Use common sense. If you don't have any, borrow someone else's! You'll be given a numbered bag for your clothes/belongings upon your entry. Everything is locked away for safekeeping.

Saturday HoDowns: Each night has its specific rules. Please click [ SATURDAY ] to view specifics.

Condom Usage

The HoDown has ALWAYS been a safe sex party. We provide many types and varieties of condoms to you, free of charge, and motivate you to use them appropriately and even take some with you if you like. In late 2017, The HoDown opened its doors for raw/bareback sex lovers. PLEASE respect the sexual practices of others. We're all adults, so let's make adult decisions. If someone desires unsafe/safe sex with you, against your will, remove yourself from the situation! Come get a HoDown worker (usually a few of us around). If you need a condom and don't have one with you, ask ANYONE for a "CONDOM" and someone will hand-deliver a condom to you! Be safe and play responsibly.


At every HoDown there will be drink options varying from sangria to a full open bar. You have a shower that's available for usage, however that doesn't mean show up here rank and stank. That means if AFTER you are into some intense action, while at the party, and you need to freshen up, that's available by request. There are various playlists and radio stations to get your head bopping and rhythm to beat it up to, LOL! There's porn that plays in the main room to get you in the mood. As mentioned above, many kinds of condoms are available. Both condom-safe and oil-based lubes are available for your personal pleasure. 

Please see FAQ for more details...