The HoDown Will Be Returning Soon. Stay Tuned To The Updates Section For The Restart Date...!

Updates & Changes

Upon reopening, HoDown parties will operate differently than before. The website's details will be FULLY updated before a restart date is posted. 
Stay tuned to information below for if/when The HoDown will reopen.

Here are The HoDown's updates & changes:
  1. ALL HoDowns are suspended indefinitely due to Covid-19, indoor gathering guidelines and our personal preferences. Check back on our updates page for if/when parties may resume. You may still sign up for Saturday Themed HoDown's in preparation for when HoDown parties resume. Sign up for Saturday parties by clicking "SATURDAY" above. You must pick a theme (1 or more), email photos (face and body) and include the themes you've selected, and wait for a response. Special terms, rules, and conditions are outlined in the SATURDAY section. Click, read thoroughly and send your email.
  2. You MUST bring a mask and keep with you during the party. Please click [ HERE ] for NEW Covid-19 precautionary practices.
  3. Interested in attending a HoDown party? Send clear FACE AND BODY pics and include your age, PREFERRED sexual position (top, vers, bottom), height, and which party you wish to attend. You'll get a response with your denial or approval. All approved will be notified and invited to the next party. 
  4. More food and drinks available! Click HoDown Shoppe and take a peek our great selection! 
  5. The next 24-Hour HoDown is scheduled for April 30th - May 1st, 2021, from 5pm-5pm, pending OUR HoDown potential reopening. Check here for all information regarding any parties to come in 2021.
  6. Promote for The HoDown and get PAID! More info [ HERE ]
Thank you for your support and cooperation!