The HoDown Now On Mon, Wed, & Fri! Check Out Our Saturday Events Too!!!!

Updates & Changes

These HoDown's updates & changes may or may not change in the future:
  1. Monday, Wednesday & Friday HoDowns will be more weekly, but may not be every week. Cancelation and Announcement dates for our various parties are located to the right of the website. Please pay attention to your Evite invitation and the dates on the invitation. 
  2. Saturday parties are back! We have 3 new parties we're trying out. You'll need to sigh up separately for these events. See/click [ SATURDAY HODOWN ] for more info and to sign up. 
    The next Wednesday party is posted to the right 
  3. Translate this website with Google Translate to the right of the website. ➡➡➡
    Traducir este sitio web con Google Translate a la derecha del sitio web
  4. You MUST arrive by 1am on Friday nights, 2pm Monday afternoons, and 9pm Wednesday evenings. Plan ahead and arrive early or YOU WON'T GET IN!!!
  5. Massages are unavailable until further notice.
  6. Promote for The HoDown and get PAID! More info [ HERE ]
Thank you for your support and cooperation!