Updates & Changes

Parties are scheduled Every Friday night 11pm-4am. Below are The HoDown's updates and changes:
  1. Feb 1st, 2019, it's a triple hitter! Sex party meets the relaunch of Fuzzy's Eatery plus a #KnowYourStatus Event! Free food from the eatery, free STD/HIV testing, counseling, giveaways & more! Plus, is a #Cum1CumAll event, meaning there's NO DOOR POLICY THAT NIGHT!
  2. Sign up for HoDown Alerts! Click the "ALERTS" section at the top of the website for more info.
  3. There are no more regular reminder emails. There is 1 party, on the same day, at the same time, every week. If you need updated party contact info, email hodownparty@gmail.com. You may need to submit pics for further approval.
  4. There are new parking guidelines in the area and our parking map included with is NOT accurate. Be aware of your surroundings and read the posted signs to prevent your vehicle from being towed!
Thank you for your support and cooperation!