Updates & Changes

Parties are scheduled Every Friday night 11pm-4am unless mentioned below. Here's The HoDown's updates & changes:
  1. MLK WEEKEND HoDown Dates & Times: Fri 11pm-4am, Sun 10pm-4am, Mon 12 Noon-5pm. Each party is $20 or...
  2. MLK WEEKEND BUNDLE DEAL! Pay $40 on Friday and enter Sunday and Monday parties for FREE! Ask Fuzzy at the party for other deals...
  3. Drinks are no longer self serve. Please see Fuzzy or another HoDown person to make your drinks. PLEASE NO DRINKS IN THE DARKER AREAS. Thanks for your cooperation!  
  4. Get special discounts, access to private parties & $5 off! Click the "ALERTS" section at the top of the website for more info.
  5. Pricing details have been updated, effective immediately. Please click PRICE for more details. 
  6. Email with face AND body pics for approval.
  7. Please be aware of your surroundings and read the posted signs to prevent your vehicle from being ticketed and/or towed!
Thank you for your support and cooperation!