Updates & Changes

Parties are scheduled for EVERY Sunday night 11pm-3am, EVERY Wednesday night 11pm-3am and the Every Friday night 12midnight-5am. Below are The HoDown's updates and changes:
  1. Sundays have been added to the roster, from 11pm until 3am or later. $15 entry. There's NO DOOR POLICY!!! [CLICK HERE] for more info.
  2. NO MORE MIDDAY MONDAY PARTIES! Effective  Monday May 28th
  3. Earn MORE MONEY for Promoting. [CLICK HERE] and find out how
  4. Fuzzy's Eatery is open! Check out the great selection of sandwiches and snacks.
  5. Evite.com is limiting the number of contacts to be added to each event. Due to this, we're adding the next 2 party links to each Evite invitation and will only email you on your preferred day of attendance. Please email Fuzzy to update your mode of invitation delivery (email or text) and which day you would like to receive your invitations. Thanks in advance!

Thank you for your support and cooperation!