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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of frequently asked questions concerning The HoDown. It's separated by the tabs/topics at the top of the website. 
General Questions
  1. What is The HoDown?  The HoDown is a sex party for gay, bi, and curious people.
  2. What happens at The HoDown? Activities include but are not limited to drinking, networking, sexual acts, and more.
  3. What do I need to bring?  Bring yourself, your sex drive, an open mind and whatever materials you feel like you need to enjoy yourself. The basics are provided. 
  4. What if I come and nobody is interested in me?  We invite a variety of people to our parties. Everyone has different tastes, so it's a gamble everyone takes but most people end up winning. There's no guarantees in random attendance parties. With that said, good luck!
  5. Are poppers acceptable at the party?  Yes, poppers are allowed at the party. Please be mindful they are very strong and other people may be bothered by the smell. Poppers are not supplied, bring your own!
  6. Can I get Gang Banged there? I want BIG dick!  We invite and gather guests to attend. It's on you to fulfill your fantasies and desires once you arrive. We will assist you if we can, once you arrive! 
  7. Is this a discreet/DL party?  That question can't be answered because the crowd is different at every party. DL and discreet guys come here often because of how private things are kept.
  1. Where is The HoDown?  It's located in New Jersey, currently in Rahway, NJ at a hotel. 
  2. Are you located in a safe area?  Yes! Rahway parties are in a safe area with a well-lit parking lot. Always be mindful of your surroundings!
  3. Is there parking?  Street parking is available and whatever available parking in the hotel parking lot. When you get your invitation, you are given a link within your invitation that gives you parking and walking directions from around the party location. 
  4. Can I get there by train or bus?  We aim to keep our parties accessible by public transportation, preferably close to a line which services from NYC and central and southern NJ. Please use the address and your favorite transit/gps/travel map to discover what the best way for you to travel from your location. 

  1. How much is this party?  General HoDown pricing is $25 before any applicable fees. Pricing details may change. Please pay attention to your Evite invitation for specific party pricing details. 
  2. How do I get a refund?  There are no refunds given unless a party is canceled and you paid before the party was canceled. 
  3. Can I try The HoDown out for free?  Everyone pays, every time. This is fair treatment and we don't show any favoritism regardless of any factors you feel are relevant. 
  4. Where do I keep my money if I want to purchase food/massage?  Currently The HoDown Shoppe is closed due to location issues. When it reopens, you can risk carrying your money in your sock, or you may keep your money in your bag and just ask us to access your belongings when you need to pay for something. 
  5. Are there any discounts? No, there is no discount for anyone! Each person pays the same price. There are no deals, coupons or special pricing. This makes it fair for everyone. Thanks for understanding!

  1. Why is the dress code the way it is?  The dress code is the dress code to reduce delays in personal interaction. It applies to everyone. Parties are flexible for dress code, so please find the right party for you.
  2. Do I have to get naked?  See each party's rules for dress code
  3. Why can't I have my cell phone?  Phones and watch lights disrupt the vibe of the party. You're there to interact with each other, not utilize a phone. If you have cell phone detachment issues, attend the cam night on Saturday.
  4. Can I be videotaped/recorded?  There's a special night for that when SATURDAY parties resume.
  5.  Is this a RAW party?  The HoDown is proud to welcome those who love condom use and those who don't. Please respect each other's preferences and ask before you insert!
  6. Can I smoke? Tina? Ciggs?  You cannot smoke anything at any party! You will be put out without warning or 2nd chances. Do your business BEFORE or AFTER the party. If you need to leave to handle your habit. 
  1. What is I'm allergic to latex?  Non-latex condoms are available for your use!
  2. Do you have large/xl condoms?  Yes! They are available upon request
  3. Can I take a shower?  Yes, towels are limited supply tho. Shower soaps are located in the shower on the shelves.
  4. Why can't I drink in the Dark Room?  Drinks are spilled and knocked over because you can't see them. Please drink your drinks in brighter lit areas and throw away your cup in the many trash bins located around the party. 
  5. Why can't I make my own drink?  There has been a great deal of drunkenness and alcohol misuse. It's a sex party, not a bar. Come back for more but don't get drunk!
  6. Food and sex parties, why?  There are those who come from work or are going to work. In addition, eating keeps one's energy up! 
  7. What kind of music is played?  There are different types of playlists and radio stations played for a variety in sound and to muffle sex noises.
  1. I stopped receiving invitations, how do I get back on the list? You will need to send face and body pics to get back onto the list. If there's a technical error, you need to submit a different email/cell number.
  2. Why must I send face and body pics?  This is to verify the person attending is in the parameters of the party standard. Also, those who are not welcome are filtered out. 
  3. What do you do with the pic I send you?  Your pic is reviewed and deleted after adding you to the contact list.
  4. How many guys usually attend? Attendance amounts vary, but max capacity is 40 guests at a time. We do not give out exact attendance numbers as it's a security issue. The parties are well attended. Worry about YOU showing up and less about others and we'll have awesome parties every time. 
  5. What kind of people are invited? Friday's parties are geared towards average to fit guys who enjoy being sexual with men while in the company of other men. Saturday parties are themed. See SATURDAY for more info!
  6. Where do guys travel from? Guys from the New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania areas are invited and they attend. It's not just local guys. 
  7. Can I bring my friends?  Friday parties, guests are welcomed as long as fit Friday's standard. If you're unsure, you should direct them to this website to get their own invitation. Saturday parties, each guest needs their own invitation.
  8. Do more tops or bottoms come?  Each party has a different arrangement of guests. The feel of each party is gauged and new guests are invited according to what is believed to be already coming. 
  9. What is the best day to come?  The best day to come is the very next scheduled party that you are eligible to attend!
  10. Is there an age limit?  We aim to keep most parties with guests who LOOK 45 years old or younger. Age isn't the final factor. Your looks, appearance, and attitude are deciding factors. Don't take offense if you are denied! Send current and clear face and body pics to hodownparty@gmail.com for consideration.
  11. When should I leave/arrive?  Please arrive early to prevent other guests from waiting on your tardy arrival. You are welcome to leave at any time you wish.
  12. Are handicapped guys welcome?  Yes, handicapped guys are welcome but please be aware that people can be mean and cruel. Do not put yourself in a position and situation you can't handle. Wheel chairs are NOT allowed.
  1. Can I pay for my massage at the door? If you are paying cash, yes. If you are using smart pay (venmo, cashapp etc), you can pay the massage specialist in person. 
  2. Am I limited to 15/30 minutes?  You may pay for as much time as you like.
  3. Can I book the Massage Specialist outside of a party?  Yes! You must set appointments, details and arrangements when you arrive at the party. 
  4. Why is the massage extra?  Services offered aren't free! 
Saturday (not active right now)
  1. When are Saturday parties?  Saturday dates will become available as the interest level in each party rises. Please place your name on that theme-specific night and you will be the 1st to know when your desired themed-Saturday HoDown is scheduled. In addition, the date for the party will be posted in the Saturday section.
  2. How many guys usually attend? 15 guests at the minimum for Saturday parties. this is the amount of guests that need to prepay before the event is set to occur. 
  3. Why do I need to prepay online?  Guests must prepay because there are fees associated with hosting hotel parties. This guarantees people come and protect the HoDown from losing money hoping you will show up.
  4. Why aren't drinks included at the Saturday Parties?  More expenses are included in throwing hotel parties. However, top-shelf liquor is provided at the hotel and bigger cups are used so you get your money's worth.
  5. If I'm invited to Friday's HoDowns, am I good to attend Saturday's events?  No. Each guest must have a theme-specific invitation to each Saturday event in order to attend. 
  6. How do I get my Saturday Invitation?  Email your face and body pics with the event you wish to attend. If accepted, you'll get your invitation to that Saturday party. 
  7. What if I don't want to pay online?  You cannot attend! 
  8. What if I missed the 12 noon cut off time to purchase tickets and still want to come?  If the event has its 15 guests already, the event is live and more guests are eligible to pay. Please send an email for further instructions. 
  9. Why are Saturday HoDowns hosted in Rahway and not Elizabeth?  This is to set the themed parties apart from the regular Friday HoDown parties. 
Contact Us
  1. I sent a text message, why did nobody respond?  The contact phone number provided is for guests to use to call when they are ready to walk through the doors and enter the party. It's a waste of time and a distraction to answer texts from those that cannot follow instructions. DO NOT TEXT THE CONTACT NUMBER!!!
  2. I called the number when I was there and nobody answered, why? What happened?  You either probably called before OR after the announced party time. You could have called the wrong number also! We do not accept calls from a blocked numbers. If the website hasn't canceled the party, we simply missed the phone call. Please call back.
  3. Why does the host always reference www.the-hodown.com?  The host works and has a life just like you. Explaining everything in great detail to everyone who asks is very time-consuming. Everything you need is located on this website. Please utilize the keyword search bar to the right and click the hot links at the top to find your information quickly. Please only email us if you wish to be added or removed from the list.