Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions about The HoDown. If you don't see your question answered in the website, or in this section please submit your question below in the comments section and I will answer it. Thank You
  1. What is The HoDown?  The HoDown is a sex party hosted in Elizabeth, NJ for gay, bi and curious guys.
  2. What happens at The HoDown? Activities include but are not limited to drinking, networking, sexual acts and more.
  3. What kind of people are invited? Average to fit guys who enjoy being sexual with men while in the company of other men. NO WOMEN ALLOWED!
  4. How many guys usually come? There is no set amount that usually comes as every party is different. We aim to at least have 10 guys each night, but the goal is 30 guys each party. Occupancy can hold about 40 guys.
  5. Can I bring my friends?  Yes of course! You are encouraged to bring your friends and they do not need separate approval. If you bring guests with you, they need to fit the mold or be turned away. 
  6. Do more tops or bottoms come?  Each party has a different arrangement of guests. The feel of each party is gauged and new guests are invited according to what is believed to be already coming. 
  7.  What do I need to bring?  Bring yourself, your sex drive, an open mind and whatever materials you feel like you need to enjouy yourself. The basics are provided. 
  8. It's my 1st time coming, can I get in for free?  NO!!! We give everyone the same treatment. If 1st timers got in free there'd be a line out the door and down the block.
  9. What is the best day to come?  As of right now, there is only one party day, Friday. We expect that every Friday will be hot, so come and invite with the same expectation!
  10. What if I come and nobody is interested in me?  We aim to keep a variety of men at our party through invitation and your word of mouth by marketing to many races, looks, body styles and personalities. Unfortunately, attendance is not guaranteed and every party has a different turnout. We don't know if what you're interested in will be here. It's random and we apologize if it doesn't work out for you.
  11. Is there an age limit?  Age isn't the first thing looked at, your looks, appearance and attitude gets you here. If you can keep up with the rest and serve as good eye candy to be sucked on and played with, by all means come thru! We judge your sex appeal and attitude. Don't take offense if you are denied! If you have any doubts, send current and clear face and body pics to hodownparty@gmail.com for screening and approval.
  12. Do you supply drinks? Yes, alcoholic and non-alcoholic. See the DRINKS section of the website for details.
  13. Are poppers acceptable at the party?  Yes, poppers are allowed at the party. Please be mindful they are very strong and other people may be bothered by the smell. Poppers are not supplied, bring your own!
  14. If there are no cell phones allowed, how do I call to get in?  You need your cell phone to call when you arrive to the building. Further directions will be given upon arrival. You leave your cell phone in the bag with your clothes and the rest of your belongings. There are no cell phones allowed in party area. Your phone will be confiscated and placed with your belongings if you try to get slick and you get caught. Don't like it? There's always the door (don't be afraid to use it)
  15. Do I have to get naked?  No you don't. You're required to strip down to underwear. NO SHIRTS OR OUTSIDE CLOTHES ARE ALLOWED.
  16. When can I leave? Do I have to stay till the end of the party?  You are welcome to leave at any time you wish. You are NOT held hostage for any reason.
  17. Can I get Gang Banged there?  You can do whatever is consensual here. Turnout and participation is not guaranteed, but once you are here, you can personally select and proposition whom is available to gang-bang you.
  18. Can I be videotaped/recorded?  No! We are fans of exploring fantasies and the freakier side of life, but videotaping/recording would defeat the purpose of being a private party. So, again, no cameras, cell phones or any other electronic device.
  19. I live far away, how can I get there?  Elizabeth is local to New York, Staten Island being less than 30 mins away. The Location of the party is 4-5 blocks from the North Elizabeth train station and about 9 blocks from Elizabeth train stain. Both train stations directly serve Manhattan, Trenton and Long Branch NJTransit train lines, with extensions to Philadelphia.
  20. Why can't I smoke cigarettes?  The lessee of the apartment is a non smoker and does not want smoking of any kind in the apartment. 
  21. What kind of music is played?  House, hip-hop, R&B, techno, and more. There are different types of music played in different rooms for a variety in sound and to muffle sex noises.
  22. Do you or will you have a daytime party?  No!
  23. Will you have parties in any place besides Elizabeth, NJ?  Parties are hosted in Elizabeth, NJ. Any changes to this will be found in the UPDATES & CHANGES section on the website. 
  24. Why do I have to show you my face and body pics?  The party does need to stay some level of sexy and there needs to be regulation to keep that standard. In most cases people get approved. If you don't wish to send a face and body pic, YOU DON'T NEED TO COME!
  25. What do you do with the pic I send you?  Your pic is reviewed and deleted after adding you to the contact list.
  26. I stopped receiving emails and text messages, how do I get back on the list? You will need to show up to a party to get onto our text list. There are no reminder emails being sent at the moment. 
  27. I stopped getting emails from evite.com, why?  Eventbrite is the current website being used for party information. There are no email reminders currently being sent. 
  28. Are handicapped guys welcome?  Yes, handicapped guys are welcome but please be aware that people can be mean and cruel. Do not put yourself in a position and situation you can't handle. Wheel chairs are NOT allowed.
  29. Are you located in a safe area? Yes, its in a quiet decently lit area on North Broad Street in Elizabeth, NJ. It's a safe walk from buses and trains. Please be mindful of your surroundings!
  30. Do I need to give you my email and/or cell number?  No
  31. What is the difference between the Elizabeth HoDown and The HoDown Revamped?  The revamped HoDown is a more inclusive HoDown geared for better parties with higher turnouts in a larger space. 
  32. I sent a text message, why did nobody respond?  The contact phone number provided is for guests to use to call when they are ready to walk through the doors and enter the party. It's a waste of time and a distraction to answer texts from those that cannot follow instructions. 
  33. I called the number when I was there and nobody answered, why? What happened?  You either probably called before the announced party time, called the wrong number, called from a blocked number or we simply missed the phone call. Just evaluate your circumstance and call again...
  34. I just want to make sure this place wont be busted by the cops. Is it legal Steps have been made to ensure the safety of the guys who come. The attendance list, email and cell phone roster, aid in this as well as your own cooperation.
  35. Can I use drugs?  Drugs add a different element to the party and may offend others in addition to placing yourself at risk. Avoid drug use or do your drugs BEFORE you get here. Any issues regarding suspected drug use in the party, or scenes and instances resulting from drug use, will result in your immediate removal and you will be banned!
  36. Is this a discreet/DL party?  That question can't be answered because the crowd is different at every party. Fem guys aren't generally invited. However, since you are allowed to bring guests, things happen! 
  37. Is this a Raw party?  The HoDown has always promoted safe sex and sexual acts. You can fuck raw here and barebackers are welcome. Raw is not a requirement. Condoms and lube are still supplied and their use is encouraged!