We have HIV and STD/STI testing & counseling services available to you a few times per year at The HoDown Location(s). Being aware of your health is not only important for you, but important for others as well. It's very easy to live in the moment and make less-than-great decisions, but our responsible actions afterward are what counts. Inform yourself of what diseases and infections are out there; it's more than you might think! Pass along the knowledge! Prevent repeat occurrences. Protect others and loved ones. Above all, remember to LOVE YOURSELF AND OTHERS! Together we can reduce and stop the spread of HIV and other infections and diseases.

Testing is done by professionals, NOT THE HODOWN STAFF! Your testing experience and results are both private and confidential to you. You are not required to disclose your result(s). 

If you choose to attend these events and get tested, there are incentives and discounts to HoDown events for your participation. Each event may offer different incentives. Attendance to HoDown events is not required to be tested. You may be tested and leave without participation in the party. The hope is for you to be aware of your status and to give you a lil push for your efforts! Come Support! 

How the night flows...
  1. The testing event is FREE! Open to all, attendance at a scheduled HoDown event is optional, not required!
  2. Each Testing Event starts 2 hours before a scheduled HoDown
  3. Those who get tested receive $10 off Guests pay their entry
  4. The testing area is in a closed private area to give those who wish to be tested some privacy
  5. This private area is closed off for 1 hour during the HoDown event. This leaves the lounge/porn area and the bar open for use until texting/screening is completed
  6. The HoDown occurs as normal once testing/screening is completed
These event dates will be posted in the UPDATES section of our website as they are scheduled. If you wish to attend any of our testing events and do not wish to attend HoDown events, you are welcome to email me at hodownparty@gmail.com requesting info separate of HoDown Events. Don't want to wait for an event to know your status? Below you can find testing facilities throughout NJ. The list is updated as time passes and more information and facilities are discovered.