Request To Join A HoDown Event!

Regular HoDown Events are EVERY Monday and Friday. 

Saturday-Themed HoDown Events happen ONE Saturday per month, ONE theme per month. They cycle around once per 4-6 months.

The CoEd HoDown Event is the party where women, trans, and swingers/couples are invited. This event is also hosted on a Saturday.

Each of the events above has different rules and pricing. So, PLEASE make sure you have read through ALL the information in other areas of our website BEFORE you complete the form(s) below so know what you're signing up for. Pick your event(s) and request to join below:

  • Regular HoDown Events [ JOIN HERE 

  • RuPaul's Drag Race Watch Party [ JOIN HERE ]

  • Saturday Themed HoDowns [ JOIN HERE ]

  • CoEd HoDown (women, men, trans, bi, gay, curious, couples, swingers & singles) Saturday Themed HoDowns [ JOIN HERE ]

The information you upload on these forms is NEVER shared with anyone. We deleted the forms once every 30 days or sooner. We hold your privacy, and the privacy of others, with the upmost respect. Please do not let a photo get in the way of your good time!

At certain times, we do target a varying audience to maintain a balance and variety at our events. You may be approved to attend an event but may not receive an invitation immediately. In this event, you'll be placed on a waitlist to be added soon and sent a notification of how long you should expect to be on the waitlist before being added. 

For a limited time only, you may meet Fuzzy, the Host, at 244 Spot (a gay bar in South Amboy) for in-person approval. Details, rules and info will be reviewed and pending your responses you'll be approved. See SPECIALS AND FREEBIES for more info.