Saturday HoDown

Coming soon to a HoDown near you...

Mask & Phone Party
Here's the rules... The dress code is your mask and your phone! Yup, you heard it right, you're allowed to have your phone for this party. You may record at will and your attendance to this party is your willing consent to be recorded. You are welcome to wear a face covering to conceal your identity. You may also wear sleeves to cover your tattoos you may not want to be revealed or noticed. NO CLOTHES ALLOWED! You can wear socks if you want! The entry is $25 10pm-1am and $35 1am-3am. No entry after 3am, the party ends at 4am. In-person payment only, NO CASH!

Co-Ed HoDown
You heard correctly, that men AND women are invited to this sex party. Trans are welcome and whatever other letter of the alphabet you represent. Couples and swingers are welcome as well! Full respect of others and their sexuality is expected. Any shaming will not be tolerated. This party is for open-minded sexually fluid and curious individuals. If your sexual preference is limited, THIS ISN'T THE PARTY FOR YOU! If you are sensitive about being around miscellaneous sexual energy, THIS ISN'T THE PARTY FOR YOU! If you are possessive over your partner/spouse and get easily jealous, THIS ISN'T THE PARTY FOR YOU! This party starts at 9pm and ends at 3am. Entry is $35 per person VIA EVENTBRITE ONLY and you must arrive by midnight. 

Showing love to the SEXY daddies! If you're 50 or older, you enter for only $15. If you're younger than 50, you enter for $30. ID is required upon entry. Runtime is 9pm-3am MUST ARRIVE BY MIDNIGHT! In-person payment only, NO CASH! If you're a daddy chaser, come out and find a daddy to play with!

Where's all the HOT twinks that luv to get down? If you're 30 and younger AND have that twink body, you enter for only $15. Over 30 enters for $30. We all know what a twink looks like, and if you don't... GOOGLE IT!!! ID is required upon entry. Runtime is 10pm-3am, YOU MUST ARRIVE BY MIDNIGHT! In-person payment only, NO CASH! If you like em young and slim, this is the party you need to be at!

Join us for some Naked Yoga for MEN! Get ya stretch on and position yourself for success! This is a 4-hour party that starts at 8pm and ends at midnight. The first 30 mins is the Naked Meet & Greet with hors d'oeuvres, juice & water. You MUST arrive within the 1st 30 minutes of this event. Afterward, we'll have an hour-long yoga session. Following that, we'll have a cool-off and cleanup period. Anytime after the yoga session has concluded you may proceed with the Naked After Party! Entry is $40 per person. Alcoholic beverages are available afterward for $5 per drink. This is a pre-registered event with ONLY 10 spots! Once the event is sold out, you'll need to wait for the next event! Tickets are available on Eventbrite ONLY!


You are welcome to bring toys and props to any event. YOU are responsible for your belongings. 

Saturday parties require a SEPARATE "email" sign-up. If you're on the regular lists, I've emailed you with a link. All new guests signing up for the 1st time, simply complete the Request To Join Form and select the appropriate options at the end of the form. Any Saturday party invitation will be sent to your email address. Please DO NOT ask us when the next party is. Simply sign up and we will let you know.