Arrival/Parking Instructions

Use the address given to you in the text/email invitation from Use GPS to navigate. If you input the address as given you won't have any issues. 

Parking Instructions

Parking and walking instructions are marked on the map below. Indicated areas are places where previous guests have parked and reported no issues. You park at your own risk!

Above you see pictured walking instructions of how to get to building 4 from the front and rear of the complex. Just follow the red line! 

Arrival Instructions

Call the number provided in your invite when you are standing at the door of BUILDING 4 (DO NOT EVER RING ANY DOORBELLS). If you are not at the door when the phone call is answered, the call will be disconnected. Door man will instruct you to pull the door (YOU WILL NOT HEAR A BUZZER). Enter the building and walk to the top floor. Someone will be waiting to let you inside.

Once you enter, you pay the entry fee and you're given a bag for your belongings. No shoes are allowed, see ATTIRE for more details. No gum, no phones! Your belongings are locked in a closet with a number given to you at sign in.