The HoDown now hosts a Naked Game Night! Imagine Game Night meets The HoDown but in a socially sexual way! Naked men, with the lights on, playing games, and whatever else happens happens! There is an assortment of sexual and nonsexual games provided to be played and fun to be had by all! You are welcome to bring your own games also. 

The cost is $25. No Eventbrite tickets for this event. Pay when you arrive, NO CASH!!! Apple Pay, Google Pay, all major credit/debit/ & gift cards, Zelle, Cashapp, Venmo, and PayPal are all accepted. Please perform all transactions in person in our presence to avoid any payment issues. 

This event is only hosted on a Saturday and is NOT a regular party. If there's great attendance, we'll schedule it more often. 

The event starts at 9pm and ends at 2am. YOU MUST ARRIVE BY 12 MIDNIGHT! As with all of our events, GET HERE EARLY! We are a punctual party and push you to arrive early so guys aren't waiting for the fun to start. You are the party, so don't be tardy! Once the event simmers down to one guy left, the party is over. The party is also over at 2am. This isn't a late party!

Open-bar drinks are included with admission. The HoDown Shoppe is open. Grab a $5 snack if you get famished! Food freshly made to order!

The dress code is NAKED! All of your belongings, including your phone, go inside your checked bag when you enter and are locked away in the closet. You're here to be social with other guys, not to be on your phone. Smartwatches are permitted. You may keep your socks on as the floor is kept clean. 

One room will be lit with games and the other will be dark for a more private time. Sex is permitted anywhere but in the kitchen, for obvious reasons. Soft music is played for background noise. Instead of porn, video games will be on the Main TV. For the Launch party event, Nintendo Switch will be the featured console. You can bring your Switch console, JoyCons, and/or games if you want.

Complete the Naked Game Night Request To Join Form OR Regular HoDown Request To Join Form if you wish to attend this event. Once approved, you'll be added to the list and sent an email invitation from Luma.  Remember, when you sign up for these events we're expecting to see you. Do your best to attend!