The HoDown Challenge... an event where guests are challenged to attend. The goal is 40 guests or more. At our current venues, capacity is probably 60-70 guests. This is a fairly easy goal to attend because at the current moment, there are about 1700 guests on our contact list and close to 75% of them have not attended a single HoDown event! The most common reason is being unaware if the party is going to be "poppin", populated, whack, or some other reason. So, every now and then, The HoDown will host a Challenge event to encourage greater numbers and sexier times.


Glad you asked! We're looking to tap into the group of those who haven't yet attended to show them what The HoDown is really about! This will increase party averages and fast-track our way into securing a permanent home for The HoDown. With a permanent HoDown home, there can be features added, more parties, different events, and MORE! 

The Reward

When we pass 40 guests, we'll give ALL who attended $10 entry to the next scheduled HoDown. The easiest way to give out this reward is for you to purchase your tickets through Eventbrite so we can send you a special Event Code for the following party. A record of your email addresses will be kept if you want to pay in person when reward time comes!

It's Simple! We get 40+ guys, you save more than half on the next scheduled HoDown! No gimmicks or fine print! We win, YOU WIN!  

APRIL 1ST, 2022