The HoDown offers an Open Bar/Drinks at every event. Evening and night events have the above drink options. Yes, we have signature drinks, and signature shots PLUS our 10 varieties of Long Island Iced Teas! You definitely get the real bar type of treatment here. Mondays are a bit more chill and a bit early for a full bar. So, Monday HoDowns offer Red Sangria, White Sangria, and Island Margarita. Mimosas and Bloody Marys are served upon request. 

There are a few fine print details to go over:
  2. The purpose for drinks being offered is so guys can feel more comfortable. DON'T BE A FISH.
  3. There are NO drinks in the bedroom area(s).
  4. There are NO drinks within the last 30 minutes of any event
  5. Drinks are while supplies last. If we run out, that's it!
  6. You may NOT take any drink with you when you are leaving.
  7. If we feel you are drunk, we will cut you off. It's for your safety and others' safety as well.
  8. Repeat drunken behavior will have you removed from our contact list.
  9. If you show up drunk (up to our discretion), YOU WILL BE SERVED WATER AND NOT COCKTAILS!

Read thru all the info? Familiar with how The HoDown is run? Click/tap the link below, fill out the form, and submit your request to join The HoDown here: