Most of you want to know:
What this party will be like?
What should I expect?
What if I see someone I know?
When Should I come?
Can I smoke there?
What do I wear?
What's provided?

The HoDown is a chill place where you go to meet others to do what you do with others when you are wearing little to no clothes. Due to the vetting process, we get a very respectful crowd for the most part. You'll find a homey vibe, with an open bar. We're smoke-free so no need to worry about any of that. Generally, you'll be asked or given a head notion to show signs of interest, perhaps even an engaging touch or conversation. Yes, you can chat here, it's not all about the sex, connection means a great deal and we encourage you to get to know those you wish to engage with if you want! Jersey can be a small melting pot and there may be someone here that you know! SO WHAT!!! Both of you are here for the exact same reason. You can avoid each other or just not speak. We're not about drama and at any sign of drama you'll be escorted straight to the door. FUN VIBES ONLY!!! 

Our events start ON TIME. Our events stick to schedule. You should absolutely try to get here towards the beginning of the party. It could be a slow-build party or a fast one. One thing will be consistent, if you show up late, you don't wanna chance missing the guys who decided to get here early because you wanted to make your grand entrance! Better off to arrive within the 1st hour of any event! 

The general dress code is underwear. No shirts of any kind!!! No outside clothes, this means basketball shorts! UNDERWEAR PEOPLE!!! Your shoes go into your bag check also. Underwear and socks only! There are certain events where the dress code may be relaxed, but that is on a PER EVENT BASIS! All of this information is located in each invitation you'll receive once you are accepted to attend. 

Condoms and lube of many varieties are provided. Safe sex is encouraged and a good portion of guys use condoms. If you're a barebacker, raw dogger or however else you wanna describe it, you are welcome too! We're all adults, and you're expected to conduct yourselves as adults. Yes means YES! No means NO! If someone likes raw and you don't, move on! If someone likes condoms and you don't... MOVE ON! It's quite simple, respect each other! Do that and we all will have a wonderful time!