Arrival/Parking Instructions

Use the address given to you in the text from Partiful or the email invitation from Mixily. Use GPS to navigate. If you input the address as given you won't have any issues. 

Parking Instructions

Until a more permanent home for The HoDown is selected, locations will change. This also means that parking arrangements will likely change. While the intention is to select locations with available parking nearby, sometimes things happen. Plan ahead and park in a safe and secure location. Check parking signs and abide by local parking laws. You park at your own risk!

Arrival Instructions

Call the number provided in your invitation when you are standing outside at the designated area in your invitation. Simply say you are here and you'll be let in and told where to go. Please be quiet when you're entering and exiting any party location.

Once you're inside, and the door is closed, that's when transactions and check-in begins. You'll be given a bag for your belongings. See RULES for more details. Your belongings bag is stored away with a number given to you at sign-in.