The HoDown History

The HoDown started in the spring of 2010 at another location in Elizabeth, NJ as an unofficial sex party. The party was a success. Another party thrown that following summer in Roselle, NJ, another great success! In July 2011, the first party announced as The HoDown was advertised. The party started as only on Tuesday. Then grew to Tuesday and Friday. After that, Wednesday and Friday became the party days. A mid day party was attempted for those who were closeted or dl or whatever! The mid day party was cancelled due to low turnout after a month of attempts. At the end of 2011, a Saturday party was launched. A great move and the Saturday party is scheduled usually once a month. Over the course of time and through the months, advancements have been made to the party to make it more convenient for guests. Credit cards are accepted, online payments through and and more to come! There have even been non sexual outings where guys come together to chill, bug out and have fun! It's amazing! 

At the end of 2013, the party took a break. Fuzzy decided to further his education and moved, while Gabe treated it like a vacation. During this time things were changed and new policies were enacted. The price was changed to $20, people were removed from our guest list, with new incentives to come. The HoDown is growing!

Fuzzy launched another party called P3: Philly Pleasure Party Feb 1st, 2014. The run was fun, but I had to let it go! Maybe in the future we'll give it another go!

In June of 2014, we launched our car service! This was an exciting way to increase turnouts and reach those who have transportation issues! Decrease the excuse, and increase our success! Fortunately, Uber and Lyft took off and we no longer needed to do that!

In May of 2016, we expanded our horizons and began throwing hotel parties in Rahway, NJ. This was the first attempt at broadening our location on a more permanent basis. It proved successful and now will be one of the locations of summer parties from June to August. 

In July 2017, as numbers increased, we adjusted the party schedule to create 3 different HoDown parties. A midday party was started and has been increasingly successful since its debut. In addition, honoring HoDown history, we brought back a midweek party. Currently, the HoDown has grown to 3 parties a week, we have enlisted promoters, added party hosts, and created new plans for expanding!

COVID-19 came thru and turnt us all! Despite the resulting sporadic parties here and there in the spring 2022 reboot, the fall season brought 3 weekly parties, Monday midday, Wednesday evening, and Friday night. All at different times of the day to accommodate diverse schedules. Due to scheduling and saturation of 3 days of parties in the 2023 season, we're currently doing 2 parties each week, Monday evening and Friday night. 

Feb 2nd, 2024, we listed our business on Google Maps! We're here and seemingly not going anywhere!

For the 2024 season, we'll be running with Monday Evening and Friday Night events. we're also going strong with our themed Saturday Events. Let's see how 2024 unfolds and what we'll add to the mix! 

As you have just read, we've been around for some time. Why not come thru and join the history-making! The team is always looking for new guests for great HoDown fun. We scour many websites, hookup apps, Instagram, (hodownparty) and Facebook ( looking for fresh faces. Come thru and be a part of our future...