Updates & Changes

These HoDown's updates & changes may or may not change in the future:
  1. Get HoDown Rewards!!! Every dollar you spend earns you 1 Star. Cash in your stars and get some really cool freebies! Click HoDown Rewards for more info. You're appreciated and thanks for supporting The HoDown!
  2. NO more 12-Hour Events on the last Fridays! 12 hour events will be special events that happen once or twice a year. 
  3. NO MORE MIDDAY EVENTS! November 27th will be the LAST Midday Monday event until further notice. Please plan accordingly! 
  4. Friday HoDown Time Change! Starting Dec. 1st, Friday events go back to 11pm-4am. You must arrive by 3am. Please plan accordingly! 
  5. Saturday HoDown Events are here! Regular Monday & Friday HoDowns stay the same. Saturday HoDowns require a separate sign-up. Click [ HERE ] for more info.
  6. Know an LGBTQ+ event or professional and want to support? Let us know! We're gathering information to support the local NJ LGBTQ+ community. Send an email to hodownparty@gmail.com and let's make NEW JERSEY GAY AGAIN!!! 
  7. Translate this website with Google Translate to the right of the website. ➡➡➡
    Traducir este sitio web con Google Translate a la derecha del sitio web
  8. The HoDown is Hiring! Get paid while having fun! Email me @ hodownparty@gmail.com subject line "extra cash" and ask about job opportunities. More info [ HERE ]
Thank you for your support and cooperation!