The Following Rules Apply To EVERYONE Who Attends,
"I Didn't Know" or "It's My First Time" Aren't Excuses!

  1. SHOW UP! We do our part to invite guys, but a party isn't a party without YOU! You don't need to come to every event, but at least show up to the first party you're invited to. That's more than fair!
  2. DO NOT BRING CASH HERE!  Cash is a liability that we do not wish to have at our events. There is no cash at any of our events for security reasons, NO EXCEPTIONS! If you bring cash, YOU WILL BE TURNED AWAY (Throwback Thursdays is the exception, LOL)! If you decide to violate this rule, this may result in you being removed from our email/text lists. Please click on the "PRICE" tab above to review and learn about the accepted forms of payment, VIP passes, and other pricing information.
  3. Arrival time is within the first 2-3 hours of any party. Late arrival is after that until 1 hour before any party ends and a $10 LATE FEE is added to your entry, EVEN IF YOU PAID IN ADVANCE! Please be respectful of others' time and horniness! After all, guys come to see YOU and you come to see THEM! 
  4. Do NOT text us! We send invitations via text with a Google Voice number. We don't check text messages. Email works best. 
  5. DESIGNATED DRINKING AREAS! There are no drinks in the rear room! You may drink your beverages in the main room only! This prevents waste, spillage, and sticky floors.
  6. DO NOT GET DRUNK! Yes, there's an open bar, but this isn't the bar, it's a sex party. Drunk isn't cute! If you vomit you'll be handed a mop! DON'T BE THAT GUY!!! No drinks 30 minutes before the end of any event. 
  7. NO FIGHTING! Is there anything more to say here? lol
  8. There are NO DRUGS, CIGARETTES, VAPE PENS/STICKS OR ANY SMOKING ALLOWED. This is a NON-SMOKING event! Smoking and drugs introduce variables when combined with alcohol can be problematic. Since we don't know what you're smoking, YOU CAN'T SMOKE ANYTHING! 
  9. There are NO CELL PHONES! Your phone goes into your checked bag, NO EXCEPTIONS! This prevents unwanted videos, group distractions, and theft/damage to your phone. 
  10. There's NO GUM CHEWING ALLOWED! Since guys can't seem to keep gum in their mouths and off of floors, carpets, sheets, doors, and walls don't come in here chewing it.
  11. NO LOITERING! Do not hang out in the hallways, doorways, stairways, parking lot, or courtyard. This draws attention and is unsafe behavior. Single occurrences result in immediate banning from all future parties
  12. DON'T BREAK ANYTHING! It sounds silly, but people get carried away when drinking and sexing! Keep the flow and vibe nice and smooth, and be respectful of the things around you. This applies to things in and outside of any venue. Be respectful of the property and assets on the property.
  13. NO, NOT INTERESTED, NO THANKS, KEEP IT MOVING ETC. Racial intolerance, body shaming, ignorance and/or general disrespect aren't tolerated. We all have preferences, but if you're not interested a simple, respectful, clear audible response of "not interested" is all that is necessary. 
  14. USE INDOOR VOICES. It's the middle of the night, during most people's sleep hours. Be considerate of other tenants/guests!
Violation of any rules can and will result in your immediate removal from the premises and banning from future events. Hate to sound strict, but these rules are in place to maintain order and safety to ensure you have a fun and pleasant visit to HoDown events. Thanks for your expected cooperation!

HoDown Dress Code

There is a mandatory clothes check at the door. Below you'll find dress codes that are acceptable to enter the party once you have checked your clothes and belongings. 

Monday/Friday HoDowns: Keep it simple, boxers, briefs, jockstraps, etc (or less). No shirts of any kind. If you need pockets, wear long socks! Those who have kinks that do not fit into what was just mentioned, this isn't the place for you. FYI, naked guys make parties start quicker. Shoes NOT are allowed. You may choose to go barefoot, or wear socks (NO SHOES OF ANY KIND). Masks/Ski-masks may be worn. No other forms of clothing are allowed. I/we may ask you to show your face upon entering. If we do, please comply, or please exit!

555 HoDown: Naked! You may choose to go barefoot, or wear socks (NO SHOES OF ANY KIND). Masks/Ski-masks may be worn. No other forms of clothing are allowed. I/we may ask you to show your face upon entering. If we do, please comply, or please exit!

Throwback Thursday HoDown: Underwear and tank/t-shirt is acceptable. You may choose to go barefoot, or wear socks (NO SHOES OF ANY KIND). Masks/Ski-masks may be worn. No other forms of clothing are allowed. I/we may ask you to show your face upon entering. If we do, please comply, or please exit!

Please arrive dressed like a normal person. Neighbors and street people should not see you walking up to any location in your Jock Strap. It sounds silly, but it's happened before! Use common sense. If you don't have any, borrow someone else's! You'll be given a numbered bag for your clothes/belongings upon your entry. Everything is locked away for safekeeping.

Condom Usage

The HoDown has ALWAYS been a safe sex party. We provide many types and varieties of condoms to you, free of charge, and motivate you to use them appropriately and even take some with you if you like. In late 2017, The HoDown opened its doors for raw/bareback sex lovers. PLEASE respect the sexual practices of others. We're all adults, so let's make adult decisions. If someone desires unsafe/safe sex with you, against your will, remove yourself from the situation! Come get a HoDown worker (usually a few of us around). If you need a condom and don't have one with you, ask ANYONE for a "CONDOM" and someone will hand-deliver a condom to you! Be safe and play responsibly.


At every HoDown there will be drink options varying from sangria to a full open bar. You have a shower that's available for usage, however, that doesn't mean show up here rank and stank. That means if AFTER you are into some intense action, while at the party, and you need to freshen up, that's available by request. There are various playlists and radio stations to get your head bopping and rhythm to beat it up to, LOL! There's porn that plays in the main room to get you in the mood. As mentioned above, many kinds of condoms are available. Both condom-safe and oil-based lubes are available for your personal pleasure. 

Please see FAQ for more details...

Read thru all the info? Familiar with how The HoDown is run? Click/tap the link below, fill out the form, and submit your request to join The HoDown here: