How Much Is The Party?

You may use Apple Pay, Gpay (Google Pay), Credit/Debit/Gift Cards and earn 1 Star Loyalty Rewards for each $1 you spend using these methods. You may also use Venmo, Zelle, CashApp and PayPal.

HoDown Passes
Monthly Pass is only $120! Good for the calendar month (save $80-$190). Sold only in the 1st week of the month.
2 Week Pass is $70! Good for any 4 Regular consecutive parties (save $40-$80). Buy Anytime!

Passholders save money by paying in advance as well as skipping additional charges/fees. These purchases also earn you Star Loyalty Rewards. Passes are NOT valid for Saturday Events.

Door Admission & Eventbrite Prices
Monday - $25*
Friday - $25* 
*Plus Eventbrite Transaction Fees or late fees if applicable

  • Door Admission & Eventbrite tickets for Monday Evening is $25, and Friday is $25 as well.
  • Eventbrite ticket sales end 15 minutes before the start of the party. Plan ahead!
  • The pros of buying through Eventbrite is not being charged the $10 Late Fee and a quicker entry/check-in. You arrive, show your QR code and that's it... SIMPLE! You still MUST arrive BEFORE the last hour of any party. The CONS of buying thru Eventbrite is you DON'T EARN REWARDS!
  • If you arrive past the set arrival time for any party, you will be charged a $10 Late Fee (see below) if you did not purchase an Eventbrite ticket. Remember, we do not accept cash!
  • There are no refunds of any type unless an event is canceled. 
$10 Late Fee
Monday's Evening HoDown starts at 8pm. You have from 8pm until 10pm before a late fee is assessed. Friday's Night HoDown starts at 11pm. You have from 11pm until 1am before a late fee is assessed. This is done to encourage you to show up at the beginning of the party to have a stronger start. Nobody likes to be the 1st one waiting for you to arrive whenever you want. There are no cash payments for the Late Fee either! 
#DontBeTardy4theParty #NoRefunds


All non-Eventbrite transactions  MUST BE DONE IN PERSON! This eliminates confusion, fraud, or any misunderstanding. Any non-Eventbrite payments received without your presence are treated as donations, NOT valid for entry/admission. The HoDown thanks you for your generosity! Not feeling generous? Please follow directions/instructions and you'll be fine!

Please plan accordingly! See FAQ for more details...

Read thru all the info? Familiar with how The HoDown is run? Click/tap the link below, fill out the form(s), and submit your request(s) to join The HoDown here: