As of right now, you must be a man, NO WOMEN! Things may change in the future. Please stay tuned...

The HoDown does not discriminate based upon age, race and other factors, but we aim to keep each party sexy. This motivates you to come back for more! Please note, sexiness is in the eyes of the beholder and our promoters invite a variety of guys to help please the masses. Youthful bodies and personalities are the goal, but there is no script to be followed or hard rules of thumb. Email your face AND body pics to and include your sexual position and body stats to be considered. We'll go from there.  If you don't send everything requested, the approval process takes much longer. 

We target guys that are living and visiting the New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware areas. Once you're invited you may bring guests if you like. It's a good idea to include the pics and stats of everyone you intend to bring in your INITIAL email. Your pics are never saved or shared with anyone. DL guys are welcome but you are NOT exempt; you get the same treatment as everyone else!

If you wish to come, email us a face & body pic to and include your sexual position. Once you are approved, you will receive some variety of message delivered the way you reached out to us (ie: website, dating app, Kik, Instagram, email, etc). Save the information sent to you as there may not be any follow up reminder messages. You wanted to come, so remember to come!