You must be a man, NO WOMEN! Below are the types of bodies we try to keep at our parties. There are exceptions to the expectations, however the chart is a rule of thumb.


Youthful bodies and personalities are preferred from men of all races, not just limited to the Tri-State area, in all ages are invited AND in attendance. Your age, sexual position and attitude play a role in your approval status. Email with your name, age, sexual position, body pics and any info you feel might get you approved. Face pics may be requested as a part of the approval process. Your pics are never shared with anyone. 

If you're curious about the age, race, and other STATISTICS concerning our previous party, you may always CLICK HERE to view that information. 

Once you are approved, you will receive a welcome email/text from Fuzzy, the host. Afterwards, you're sent your invitation from before each party. If ever you wish to be removed from any list, email the host to be removed from the list.