From The Host

I, Fuzzy, am the creator and host of The HoDown. I've managed and operated the party and have served as the main promoter since April 2011. My purpose in throwing this party is to provide a safe and sexy place for men in New Jersey, and surrounding areas, to meet and have sexual fun. The HoDown is about fun, connection, and awareness, not just sex!

Speaking of sex, safe sex and safer sex behaviors are always encouraged. This doesn't mean that the RAW lovers can't come and enjoy! The HoDown is inclusive, which only means a better party for you! We're all of legal age, and information is available to everyone. Please be responsible and educated in your sexual decisions. #KnowYourStatus! Stealthing will not be tolerated, get a staff member involved if you need.

Drinks, condoms, lube, toiletries, and other amenities are included at every party. My food corner dubbed "Fuzzy's Eatery" (currently HoDown Shoppe), designed to get you flavorful crafted sandwiches & mini-meals you can't get anywhere else may also be available pending our location and other factors. 

As new ideas are being presented, new venues contemplated, and other variables, the party space's amenities may vary. Please be patient as we are floating between locations and deciding on our perfect new HoDown Home!

Upon arrival, please follow the instructions given in your invitation. If you do not read the information AND pay attention, you might end up in the wrong place or calling the wrong number. Please follow the instructions given to you and most of all, HAVE FUN!!! When you want to go just grab a HoDown Staff Member to retrieve your belongings. 

In The HoDown's promotional searches, average to in-shape guys, of any race with youthful looks and vibes from NJ, NYC, PA, and surrounding areas are invited. Variety is the spice of life and everyday guys are sent party info in the effort of creating awesome parties that differ from the previous one. You are invited, but ultimately it's up to you to show up. Play your role and make each party awesome!

Again, this party is nothing without you. Please do your best to support when you can and bring someone with you. One can only do so much and can't reach everyone. Plan ahead and plan to attend!

Thanks a million times,


Read thru all the info? Familiar with how The HoDown is run? Click/tap the link below, fill out the form, and submit your request to join The HoDown here: