You're Invited To The HoDown!

All you need to do are these simple steps to get your invitation:

  1. Review this website to familiarize yourself with how The HoDown is run.
  2. Send face and body pics to for screening and review.
  3. Include your preferred sexual position (top, bottom, vers). 
  4. Acknowledge and agree to abide by the rules and procedures outlined on this website.
  5. If you wish to receive text invitations INSTEAD of email invitations, please include your cell phone number. When you receive your invitation, click the invitation link, go through the options and RSVP (select yes, no or maybe). If you do not RSVP via the Partiful link, you can't see the address and contact number AND you will not be added to the list.
  6. To receive an email invitation, please include your preferred party day (Mon/Wed/Fri). This would be the ONE day you are MOST likely to attend. In that invitation, you'll have links to the other parties you're LESS likely to attend. This reduces the number of emails/notifications you'll receive.
  7. Make your best effort to attend our events! We don't wish to waste our time inviting you if you're not going to attend!
  8. This is an interracial party. Racial intolerance, ignorance and/or disrespect aren't tolerated. We all have preferences, but if you're not interested a simple, respectful, clear audible response of "not interested" is all that is necessary. 
In advance, we are a semi-selective party that is geared toward aged 21-45ish regular guys, athletic guys, muscular guys, and twinks. Guts & Bellies are allowed, but not every belly was created equally. Sloppy isn't universally sexy to the masses and our aim is to keep our parties sexy! Age is only a number, so if you're over 45, and looking good, you're welcome to apply! These factors make guys come back for more.

Our invitation model, for regular HoDown events, is to invite a crazy amount of guests, with youthful bodies and great personalities, who decide to have the follow-through to attend and have engaging fun. Either way, if you receive an invitation, it's because we want your energy and presence at our parties. Please do your best to attend, as The HoDown is ONLY possible when you participate and encourage others to attend as well! Once invited, please read each invitation as details may change from time to time. Remember to come, so SHOW UP!!!

We target those living and visiting the New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware areas. Once you're invited you may bring guests if you like. It is YOUR responsibility to relay/refer our website to them because the rules apply to EVERYONE. "I didn't know" and "It's my first time" are not excuses! It's a GREAT idea for your potential guests to have their own invitation, but if you inform them and bring them with you that's okay too! Tell a friend, bring a friend, and LET'S HODOWN TOGETHER!

See FAQ for more details...