Special Offers


5 out of 12 parties are canceled in April. So, we're slashing the VIP price in half! That's even more savings than before! That includes all add-on VIP options. Thanks for supporting The HoDown!


So many guys ask me, "when is the best time to come to The HoDown?". My response is generally, whenever you decide to show up! haha... It got me to thinking, maybe I can select certain days and this will be the time I can say, "you need to be here for these parties!". So, I have birthed the CUM THRU events!

One Monday, one Wednesday, and one Friday a month, all in the same week, consider yourself advocated to come thru to The HoDown. In addition to the $5 off for one person Eventbrite deal, I have added a greater discount for those who wish to bring a friend or partner. I've been saying for a long time, "tell a friend, bring a friend, and lets HoDown together", now there's more incentive to HoDown together!

Monday will be a 2 for $25. Wednesday will be 2 for $30. Friday will be 2 for $35. These are the Eventbrite specials ONLY! You're encouraged to still arrive on time, but if you're late, the $10 late fee covers both guys! It gets better! For the guys who work up an appetite, buy 2 Get One FREE on HoDown Shoppe menu items! That's a whole meal for $10!

To all the 1st timers that haven't been, to the guys who haven't been in a while, and for those looking for a greater HoDown experience, we hope you're motivated and encouraged to CUM THRU to these events.

Please note, this deal is available on Eventbrite only. An additional link is included in your invitation. Please click the appropriate option to purchase your desired discounted ticket. You must BOTH arrive at the same time. 

April's Cum Thru events are Mon 24th, Wed 26th, and Fri 28th. 


Thick Dick Contest - Got a beer can dick? Are you known for breaking down some walls? Bring it to The HoDown! The prize is a FREE Monday VIP Pass for the next month. Rules are simple! When you're at your THICKEST, have me measure your dick. I'll take the measurement from the thickest part regardless of where it is the thickest! Beer cans and mushroom heads this is a party for you! Who will be the thickest in the room?   The Next Contest is March 27th

Long Dick Contest - If you can swing it, BRING IT! If you were blessed with a LOOOONNNG one, this is the contest you need to participate in! The prize is a FREE Wednesday VIP pass for the next month. Rules are simple! When you feel you're at your longest, call me over to size you up! I will measure you from the base of your dick to the tip of the head. The longest wins! If you're a guy that doesn't have a problem getting to the "2nd hole" this is the party for you!    The Next Contest is March 29th

Big Dick Contest - Were you blessed all the way around? Do you have a KING DINGALING? Let us see it! The prize is a FREE Friday VIP Pass for the next month. Rules are simple! When you're at your glory, I'll have the measuring tape ready! Length + Girth = Your Result. May the BIGGEST dick win!     The Next Contest is March 31st

Remember, you're only as big as your competition! If nobody competes, there's no winner! If the smallest, shortest, or thinnest dick is the only participant, you just gave away 4-5 parties of freebies! Yes, I'm giving away free parties! All you have to do is show up and participate! Why Not???

Bring A Buddy HoDown- It's been said, "tell a friend, bring a friend, AND LETS HODOWN TOGETHER". Now it'll pay off! For this event only, you'll be allowed to purchase multiple Eventbrite tickets at the same time. The minimum to enter the contest is 3. The guy who pays for the most ticket entries for this event/contest will win a Monthly VIP Pass for April AND May! In the event of a tie, the prize will go to the group that showed up first! The rules are simple:

  • Pay for 3 or more tickets on Eventbrite.com to qualify for this particular event. In-person entries do not count because we do not know if you were just waiting outside gathering guys before you entered
  • You MUST purchase before The Event starts. Online sales end 15 minutes before the event starts. Plan ahead!
  • Your ENTIRE group must enter together.
  • The number of guests paid for must equal the number of guests entering in/with your group. If you paid for 6 and there are only 5 present when you enter, your group size is 5. Make sure your guys SHOW UP and ON TIME!
  • The prize goes to the ONE person who paid unless he wants to gift the prize to someone in his group. 
For this event, I'll extend the party time by one hour. Since there will be so many guys here, You're going to need more time to play with them all! Late fees in person are $5 and if you paid in advance through Eventbrite, no late fees. 

Read thru all the info? Familiar with how The HoDown is run? Click/tap the link below, fill out the form, and submit your request to join The HoDown here: