Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of frequently asked questions concerning The HoDown. It's separated by the tabs/topics at the top of the website. 
General Questions
  1. What is The HoDown?  Regular HoDown events are sex parties for gay, bi, and curious men/cis-men (currently). There is a Saturday event for women, trans men/women, and more. 
  2. What happens at The HoDown? Activities include but are not limited to drinking, networking, sexual acts, and more.
  3.  How many guys come? What's the turnout? The turnout is ever changing. It could be lower or higher. It can be diverse or not diverse. It could be mixed ages or closer to one age over another or just split. You guys are the turnout. You make the event. We invite over 1500 to each event. Our capacity is 45. Each party will have a different turnout because the contact list is diverse. The best option for you is to come see for yourself!
  4. What do I need to bring?  Bring yourself, your sex drive, an open mind and whatever materials you feel like you need to enjoy yourself. The basics are provided. Bring your own poppers! 
  5. What if I come and nobody is interested in me?  We invite a variety of people to our parties. Everyone has different tastes, so it's a gamble everyone takes but most people end up winning. There are no guarantees in random attendance parties. With that said, good luck!
  6. Are poppers acceptable at the party?  Yes, poppers are allowed at the party. Please be mindful they are very strong and other people may be bothered by the smell. Poppers are not supplied, bring your own!
  7. Can I get Gang Banged there? I want BIG dick!  We invite and gather guests to attend. It's on you to fulfill your fantasies and desires once you arrive. We will assist you if we can, once you arrive! 
  8. Can I just watch?  Participation in our events once you're here is optional. However, immagine this... what if 20 guys came to a party and all 20 guys wanted to watch? What sort of party is that? A whack one! It's suggested you come to the events ready to mingle and play. If you want to watch people fuck, watch porn at home!
  9. What happens if I pay online and an event is canceled? Eventbrite sends a refund confirmation email to the buyer. Refunds will return to the attendee’s original payment method within 5-7 business days. If the refund goes to a canceled or expired card, the attendee will need to to contact their bank or credit card company for help.
  10. Is this a discreet/DL party?  That question can't be answered because the crowd is different at every party. DL and discreet guys come here often because of how private things are kept.
  11. What is the turnout like? It's a different crowd at each event. New guys are consistently and constantly being added to the existing list. There's always a freshness to our turnout for every event! 
  1. Where is The HoDown?  This is a New Jersey party. While we choose a permanent home for The HoDown, locations will change to different places and cities in New Jersey. 
  2. Are you located in a safe area?  Until a permanent home for The HoDown is selected, we'll make the best efforts in selecting safe locations. Always be mindful of your surroundings in any area!
  3. Is there parking?  All pending the venue selection. Many efforts will be made to make sure there's parking nearby each location. 
  4. Can I get there by train or bus?  We aim to keep our parties accessible by public transportation, preferably close to a line that services from NYC and central and southern NJ. Please use the address and your favorite transit/GPS/travel map to discover the best way for you to travel from your location. 

  1. How much is this party?  Monday and Friday are $25. After the suggested time of arrival, the price increases by $10. Please pay attention to your invitation for specific party pricing details. 
  2. How do I get a refund?  There are NO refunds given unless a party is canceled AND you paid before the party was canceled. 
  3. Can I try The HoDown out for free?  NOPE!!! Everyone pays, every time. This is fair treatment and there's no favoritism regardless of any factors you feel are relevant. Promoters and staff are the only ones who get in for free! 
  4. Where do I keep my money if I want to purchase food?  You may prepay for food upon arrival and request it when you want it, OR go into your bag to pay when you decide you want to order. 
  5. Are there any discounts? Each person pays the same price or has the SAME opportunity to any discount available to everyone. There are no deals, coupons, or special pricing. This makes it fair for everyone. Thanks for understanding!

  1. Why is the dress code the way it is?  The dress code is the dress code to reduce delays in personal interaction. It applies to everyone. No special treatment.
  2. Do I have to get naked?  No, but you must comply with the dress code. See each party's rules for dress code
  3. Why can't I have my cell phone?  Phones and watch lights disrupt the vibe of the party. You're there to interact with each other, not utilize a phone. If you have cell phone detachment issues, STAY HOME!
  4. Can I be videotaped/recorded?  Currently, no.
  5. Is this a RAW party?  The HoDown is proud to welcome those who love condom use and those who don't. Please respect each other's preferences and ask before you insert!
  6. Can I smoke? Tina? Ciggs?  There are no vapes of any kind. No drugs of any kind are allowed. For those who don't classify weed as a drug, THERE'S NO WEED ALLOWED. You cannot smoke anything at any party or use any illegal substances, pills, liquids! You will be put out without warning or 2nd chances. ZERO TOLERANCE. Do your business BEFORE or AFTER the party. No, you may not exit any party to smoke. All exits are final! 
  7. Are Poppers allowed?  Poppers are allowed! You MUST bring your own, we do not supply them.
  1. What if I'm allergic to latex?  Non-latex condoms are available for your use!
  2. Do you have large/xl condoms?  Yes! They are available upon request
  3. Can I take a shower?  We prefer you to shower before you arrive. Show up ready for action! Towels are in limited supply. Shower soaps are located in the shower on the shelves.
  4. Why can't I drink in the Dark Room(s)?  Drinks are spilled and knocked over because you can't see them. Please drink your drinks in brighter-lit areas. Do NOT throw away your cup! Our cups are restaurant-grade reusable plastic cups.
  5. Why can't I make my own drink?  There has been a great deal of drunkenness and alcohol misuse. It's a sex party, not the corner pub. Come back for more but don't get drunk!
  6. Why are the drinks so small?  Our cups are 10 ounces. We do not want you wasting amenities. You are welcome to grab another drink when your current one is finished. 
  7. Food and sex parties, why?  Some come from work or are going to work. In addition, eating keeps one's energy up! 
  8. What kind of music is played?  There are different types of playlists and radio stations played for a variety of sounds and to muffle sex noises.
  1. I stopped receiving invitations, how do I get back on the list? You will need to complete a new Request To Join Form with current contact information to get back onto the list. If there's a technical error, you need to submit a different email/cell number.
  2. Why must I send face and body pics?  This is to verify the person attending is within the parameters of the party standard. Also, those who are banned/unwelcome are filtered out. 
  3. What do you do with the pic(s) I send you?  The forms that have your pics are periodically deleted to make room for more forms. Forms are then downloaded for reference purposes.
  4. How many guys usually attend? Attendance amounts vary, and different venues may hold more than others. We do not give out any attendance numbers as it's a security issue. The parties are well attended, but we can't guarantee any type of attendance, as you are the ones who must show up! We'll worry about inviting you sexy men, but you sexy men must do your part and show up! 
  5. What kind of people are invited? Guys of every race are invited. We target the average-joe type body to fit bodies. We look for youthful men with an age APPEARANCE of 18-45 years old. There's no specific age cap, size cap or the like. Sexy is Sexy! We aim to keep it universally sexy to satisfy the masses. Do not be offended or put down in any way if you are not invited. You are sexy to someone! There are times when we'll invite one sexual position over the other to keep a balance of tops vs bottoms.
  6. Where do guys travel from? Guys from the New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania areas are invited and they attend. It's not just local guys. 
  7. Can I bring my friends?  Guests are welcome! It would be great if your guests completed the Request To Join Form and had their own invitation for the sake of being informed, but it isn't necessary. 
  8. Do more tops or bottoms come?  Each party has a different arrangement of guests. The feel of each party is gauged and new guests are invited according to what is believed to be already coming. 
  9. Is there an age limit?  We aim to keep most parties with guests who APPEAR to be 18-45 years old. Age isn't the final factor. Your looks, appearance, and attitude are deciding factors. Don't take offense if you are denied! Complete the Request To Join Form for consideration.
  10. When should I leave/arrive?  The earlier you arrive the better!!! You are welcome to leave at any time you wish.
  11. Are handicapped guys welcome?  Yes, handicapped guys are welcome but please be aware that people can be mean and cruel. Do not put yourself in a position and situation you can't handle. Also, the location may not be greatly accessible for your particular handicap. Wheel chairs are NOT allowed.
Contact Us
  1. I sent a text message, why did nobody respond?  The contact phone number provided is for guests to use to call when they are ready to walk through the doors and enter the party. It's a waste of time and a distraction to answer texts from those that cannot follow instructions. DO NOT TEXT THE CONTACT NUMBER!!!
  2. I called the number when I was there and nobody answered, why? What happened?  You either probably called before OR after the announced party time or arrival time. You could have called the wrong number also! We do not accept calls from blocked numbers. If the website hasn't canceled the party, we simply missed the phone call. Please call back.
  3. Why does the host always reference www.the-hodown.com?  There are a large number of guys who are curious, want to attend or already attending. Having a single place for ALL information is the best way to ensure everyone has the same information. Yes, it's annoying to be told to visit the website, but it's done so you don't need to wait for information and answers to your questions. By updating yourself, it frees up time for us to invite more sexy guys to join you at the party. Plus, it makes Fuzzy's heart so warm to hear you took the initiative!