Contact Us

Before contacting us, know parties occur as advertised on the days mentioned at the scheduled time indicated. The only time a party is cancelled is if it's posted in the UPDATES section.

Everything is addressed within this website. Use the links located under the website header and the search bar to the right to find key topics. Also browse the [FAQ] section. After that, if you feel something is unaddressed, please email with your query and the website will be updated upon your request. Fuzzy, other staff members and promoters and have lives outside of The HoDown. You'll get a response as quickly as possible. Your personal information is never intentionally shared with anyone. 

Text Policy

Your initial text will be a Welcome Message only sent to you after you express clear interest in attending a specific party day. It includes the rules, instructions, our website link and explains how YOU SHOULD NOT TEXT US AT ALL! You send us texts, you are ignored. This is why we have email setup. will send you the information for the parties. You will be invited to one party day and in your invitation you'll have links for the next two parties. It's YOUR responsibility to save the links and RSVP accordingly as well as read and respond to each invitation. If you wish to cancel text messages, simply email with your name and number to be removed. All texts received after your approval are ignored! 

Email Policy

You may be emailing us concerning approval, to ask questions, or to remove a number or email address from a list. Questions regarding current party status or attendance are not answered. After you are approved, you'll get a welcome email. Subsequent emails are sent via containing an invitation link which has the party address, contact number and arrival instructions. Read all the details provided. You will be sent the invitation for the week's parties, up to 3 emails at the same time, on Saturday night with reminders the day before. If you wish to cancel emails, simply email requesting to be removed. In the rare event a party is cancelled at the last minute, you will be sent an email through and the change will be posted in the updates section.