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Contact Us


GREAT! You've chosen to be curious enough to want to contact us. BEFORE you decide to send any emails, please ensure you've browsed our website for information. Use the tab links above for quick navigation. If there's something you can't locate, try using the KEYWORD SEARCH bar to the right of the website; it can be quite helpful! If the information is not available that you're seeking, please go ahead and email us your question(s). 

If you're sending an email regarding attending our event(s), please make sure you attach a CLEAR face photo AND a photo showing your torso. Photos should be updated and current. To speed your invitation process along, please type in the email that you have reviewed the website and you're ready for your invitation. If you ask questions in the email regarding information covered on this website, this will delay your invitation. YES, I'm a stickler for men who can read!

DO NOT send emails asking for the progress of any party at any time. If there are any changes to the party, there will be emails and text messages sent to you, updates posted here on the website in several places and MORE! The party's email is meant for those seeking invitations, not an information hotline! PLEASE AND THANKS!!!

Text/Phone Policy
The only text you should receive is from We do not text message personally or impersonally and we ask you do the same and do NOT text under any circumstances. The number provided in your Evite invitation is a Google Voice number that phone calls are forwarded to Fuzzy's personal phone. We don't check for texts, so don't send them! 

See FAQ for more details...