Location, Directions, Parking & Instructions

First and foremost, let it be clear, you need to be given the contact number and specific address along with instructions to enter. Showing up at the approximate map location(s) will not aid you in entering. YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR NAME AND NUMBER TO THE HOST AND BE ADDED TO THE EVITE LIST(S)!

The HoDown is hosted in an apartment in Elizabeth, NJ. Please pay attention to the map below to avoid confusion with parking and party location. Use Google! It gives great driving, public transportation and walking directions!

Once you've arrived/parked, follow the walking instructions pictured in the maps below to gain entry. Parking areas are outlined below. Indicated parking areas are where previous guests say they have parked without issue. As with most places you go, you park at your own risk. 

Follow the instructions located in your email/text invitation links to gain entry. It's important that you read the instructions so you know where you are going and what to do when you get here. If you are not in the designated areas when you call, the call will be disconnected. #followinstructions just that simple!