Regular HoDowns are for MEN ONLY. They are scheduled EVERY Monday evening from 8pm-12am (midnight) and EVERY Friday night from 11pm-4am. Please review the RULES before attending our events and refresh yourself periodically.

To maximize your party experience, and the experience of others, you are encouraged and motivated to arrive within the 1st hour of each event. This gets the party started early and sets the vibe for the night. Keep in mind that the price increases by $10 when you arrive past two hours into the Monday & Friday events. This is STRICTLY enforced. This motivates you to arrive earlier! Plan ahead and be timely! Think you'll be tardy/late, lock in the $25 price by using our Eventbrite payment links. Eventbrite payment is just ONE option, but it's not required.

There is no entry to the Monday & Friday events within the last hour. If you're not here, you miss out! We are timely and you should be too! If you're late, there are no refunds! [ CLICK HERE ] for more pricing details. 

We provide several varieties of condoms and lube complimentary. We also offer a FREE open bar (DON'T GET DRUNK) and a bar menu for those less experienced at ordering drinks. There's a food menu with $5 snacks available also. [ CLICK HERE ] for more details on our sandwiches and finger foods.

We have some events that take place only ONCE per month:

  • 555 HoDown - It's an event where everything is $5! $5 entry, $5 drinks, and $5 food. This party starts at 7pm and ends at 11pm. NO ENTRY AFTER 10 PM. This event generally happens on ONE Tuesday per month. How it works... You pay for what you want when you arrive. We have ticket vouchers that can be used for food and/or drinks. Only buy what you will use, all sales are final. The dress code is NAKED you may wear socks to store tickets, poppers etc. You can also keep a smartwatch for quick payment for food and drink items. Request to join Regular HoDown events to receive an invitation for this event.
  • Throwback Thursday HoDown - This is a tribute to how we originally hosted The HoDown. The price is $15. This party starts at 10pm and ends at 2am. You can arrive anytime between 10pm and 2am but you're still advised to arrive early! This event generally happens on ONE Thursday per month. While it's an open bar, your liquor selection is limited to just vodka, rum, gin, tequila, whiskey, and brandy (our original drinks). Drinks are self-serve. The dress code is underwear, t-shirt/a-shirt/tank top & socks, NO SHOES! It's how we originally did it! Request to join Regular HoDown events to receive an invitation for this event.

PLEASE ARRIVE CLEAN, SHOWERED & PREPPED!!! Don't be that guy! Our bathroom isn't for gathering yourself. Do the work and show up ready! 


RuPaul Watch Party

Friday nights at 7:45pm before Friday's HoDown we're seeing what the QUEENS are up to! Be there between 7:45pm and 8pm, because the show starts at 8pm. We'll watch the episode and Untucked that follows the episode. It's a "Drag/Clothing Optional" event where you are welcome to beat that face, wear nothing (or next to nothing), or do something in between! ALL ARE INVITED AND WELCOME! The entry is $15. Drinks and lite snacks are provided free of charge. Want more than a lite snack? The HoDown Shoppe has plenty of great food options for only $5, AND they are Buy 2 get one FREE! This is NOT a sex party! Please respect the vibe! If you're feeling a certain kinda way, save it for the HoDown! There are some deals if you wanna stay for Friday's HoDown. You'll get a $5 discount from Friday's event, making the bundle price for 2 parties $35. Bundle guests are eligible for a BOGO 50% off discount on all HoDown Shoppe items. 

This event requires a separate Request To Join Form to be completed. We don't wish to flood your text/email inboxes with invitations you don't want.  So you must signup for this event to receive the invitation. It's just a few questions and no pics. All are welcome to join this event, you just need to complete the form. Thanks a bunch!


There may be spontaneous events that pop up. They may have rules and certain allowances that differ from other events. Please read the invitation details for these events and follow the rules accordingly. If you see an ad posted somewhere and you're looking for an invitation for that specific special party, complete the Regular HoDown Request To Join Form